Bay & Bow Windows

A bay & bow window fits in any home. It can change the look of your house dramatically by adding a lot more light, providing a great view, and generally looking gorgeous.

If this is what you are after, then you have come to the right place. Here at Vinyl Light, we offer cheap bay & bow windows for sale all year round!

Bay & Bow Window in Toronto and GTA

Both bay & bow windows are designed to project outside your home. A bow window is a configuration of four, five, or six windows that all gently angle out. A bay window typically consists of three windows - in this configuration, the fixed one is the center one and the two outside flankers can be a double-hung or casement window.

A small and large bay & bow window can add a lot of curbside appeal on the outside of your home but on the inside, it provides great, usable and functional space.

You can use this space as a display area for your favorite things (whether it’s flowers, books, or vinyl records). If you have pets, the bay & bow area will become one of their favorite spots in the house. It’s also great for sitting and drinking coffee while enjoying a nice view.

If you have a large flat window in your home, changing it to bay & bow window exterior will turn your room into a gorgeous living space and provide extra comfort.

In fact, many people treat these windows as an extension of their home by adding pillows and creating a cove-like living space, which is great for relaxing or enjoying a good read.

Main Features of Bay & Bow Windows from Vinyl Light:

    • Expand your living space
    • Any panels of your bay & bow window can be operational and tailored to suit your needs
    • Easily customizable to include additional light and ventilating panels
    • Energy-efficient design
    • Designed to fully meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications

The addition of a bay & bow window will make any room in your house appear larger and more connected to the outdoors. Easily customizable, bay & bow windows work well when flanked by casements or single-hungs.

At Vinyl Light, we can offer you unbeatable bay & bow window prices and provide quality bay & bow window installation services.

Bay & Bow Window Replacement in Toronto

With over 10 years of experience under our belt, we are known for our outstanding quality and customer service. Don’t take our word for it though - better look at what our customers have to say about us.

Despite all of this, Vinyl Light is more than just selling and installing vinyl windows and doors. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients realize their creative ideas and make their homes better, safer, and more comfortable.

Our main advantages are:

  • 35+ years of combined professional experience;
  • 10,000+ windows installed;
  • Low bay & bow window cost;
  • Prompt customer service (with locations all across the GTA);
  • Worry-free installation (we have WSIB and liability insurance).

So if you’re still wondering “What’s the best company offering bay & bow window replacement near me?”, doubt no more and go with Vinyl Light.

If you’d like to inquire about the bay & bow window replacement cost in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, please contact our sales team via phone, chat, or our free quote form.

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