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Replacement Windows and Doors Toronto

Welcome to the official website of Vinyl Light - we are your reliable installer of doors and replacement windows in Toronto. 

Our customers always have plenty of options to choose from since we offer the best windows and doors in Toronto Ontario. What they all have in common is the affordable price.

If you’ve been looking for windows or entry doors for sale in Toronto, look no further than Vinyl Light, a company with an excellent reputation and outstanding customer service record. When it comes to Toronto doors and windows from the manufacturer, we provide the best value for your money.

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Doors offers and discounts in Toronto, GTA, Ontario


$1,499 for 5' Patio Sliding Door Installed!

Best in class with Nylon rollers, Loe+Argon, Lifetime warranty.

Best price in GTA guaranteed!

Sliding Patio Door Sale

    Installed this year

    • 2778

    • 296


    In 2022 Vinyl light specialists replaced
    6232 windows and
    387 doors

    Vinyl Light Doors and Windows Toronto

    Our goal is to provide best quality products for the best price possible.
    We constantly adapt and upgrade to satisfy the customers needs and demands in today's market.

    Why Choose Vinyl Windows & Doors

    We make your home upgrade simple and worry-free experience.
    Your trust and confidence is our honour.

    • Experience of 12 years in business

      Experience of 12 years in business

    • Professional customer service & consultation

      Professional customer service & consultation

    • High reputation & rate of customer satisfaction

      High reputation & rate of customer satisfaction

    • Automated modern & fast production

      Automated modern & fast production

    • Quality control & tests on all stages of production

      Quality control & tests on all stages of production

    • Better than Lifetime warranty

      Better than Lifetime warranty

    • Any form of payments & financing available

      Any form of payments & financing available

    • Factory direct prices with bonuses & discounts

      Factory direct prices with bonuses & discounts

    Canadian guide to upgrading windows and doors from Vinyl Light Company

    Canadian guide to upgrading windows and doors

    Windows & doors can account for up to 25% of total house heat lost. Educate yourself to make a right decision.


    Upgrades that are standard for our windows:

    • Loe272 coating + Argon gas.
    • 100% virgin non-recycled uPVC vinyl.
    • Triple seal compression locking system.
    • Spring loaded fiberglass screen in aluminum frame.
    Vinyl Window Cross Section

    Why settle for anything less?

    We use market leading materials and parts in production
    so our products satisfy all your needs.

    • Energy-efficient & insulated

      Energy-efficient & insulated

    • Noise & draft proof

      Noise & draft proof

    • Secure from break-ins & pests

      Secure from break-ins & pests

    • Safe for you & environment

      Safe for you & environment

    • Beautiful in design & options

      Beautiful in design & options

    • Easy in operation & maintenance

      Easy in operation & maintenance

    Best Toronto Doors and Windows Company

    Like many other companies that handle windows and door installation in Toronto, we started out as a small unit gradually evolving into a major Toronto windows and doors company offering affordable and cheap windows for our clients across the whole GTA.

    Our main advantages are:

    1. Product range. Wide enough to satisfy even the most demanding tastes
    2. 10+ years of experience. Our specialists have seen and done it all
    3. Competitive pricing. We buy factory direct and get major discounts from manufacturers to ensure low rates for replacement windows and doors in Toronto
    4. Insurance. We have WSIB and liability insurance so that you could have a peace of mind
    5. Exceptional customer service. We will always be there to help when you need us

    We would certainly appreciate working on your project and helping you achieve your goals. To get a professional consult and/or free quote from Vinyl Light Windows and Doors in Toronto, please contact us via phone, email, or online chat.

    Check what our clients are saying

    • Vinyl Light windows and doors Google reviews Reviews on Google
    • Vinyl Light windows and doors Homestars reviews Vinyl Light windows and doors Homestars verified company 98%
    Vinyl windows and doors company in GTA, ON, Canada

    Vinyl Windows Toronto

    Of all the Toronto windows companies, we offer the widest range of products and services, including free estimation and measuring. Our customers know they’re in good hands since we help them pick the right product, install it professionally, and also give some helpful tips on service and maintenance for windows and doors installation in Toronto GTA.

    Here are the main types of vinyl windows in Toronto that you can order from Vinyl Light Windows and Doors:

    • Casement windows
    • Awning windows
    • Bay windows
    • Basement windows
    • Thin frame windows
    • Soundproof windows
    • Single/double hung windows
    • Single/double slider windows
    • Tilt and turn windows
    • Stained glass windows
    • Custom windows

    In addition to professional installation services, we also provide assistance in product selection and maintenance tips.

    Windows Replacement Toronto

    Vinyl Light Windows and Doors specialists are capable of handling any type of window installation or windows replacement in Toronto. The duration and final cost of the service may differ depending on the type of window and house/frame. No matter how big or complicated a project is, our team will ensure low rates with zero compromises to the quality.

    If you’re looking for a trusted supplier and installer of new windows in Toronto, go with Vinyl Light.

    Exterior Doors Toronto Ontario

    Since we happen to be one of the biggest Toronto doors installers, our clients enjoy a wide choice of sizes, styles, and colors for exterior doors in Toronto.

    Wide range

    Here are the main types of doors we offer:

    • Steel entry doors
    • Fiberglass doors
    • Sliding patio doors
    • French doors
    • Custom front doors
    • Screen doors

    Top quality

    All of our entrance doors are manufactured in accordance with the top industry standards to ensure comfort, safety and energy efficiency for your home.

    Affordable prices

    We buy doors factory-direct and get major discounts from manufacturers to guarantee our customers affordable modern doors and windows in Toronto.

    Door Replacement Toronto

    Our specialists are here to ensure that your experience with front door replacement in Toronto is always a pleasant and exciting one.

    Here’s what makes our products and services special:

    • Wide choice of quality Canadian-made doors
    • Professional doors installation from a Toronto doors and windows company
    • Worry-free delivery 
    • Exceptional customer service
    • Affordable rates

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