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Bay windows are popular in Canada as they fit in any home. These windows can change the look of your house dramatically by adding a lot more light, providing a great view, and generally looking gorgeous.

If this is what you are after, then you have come to the right place. Here at Vinyl Light, we offer cheap bay windows for sale all year round!

We take bay window replacement projects in the following area: Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, Burlington, East York, North York, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Scarborough, Pickering, Oshawa, Ajax, Newmarket, King City, Caledon, Georgetown, Milton. Haven't found your location on the list? Reach out to us to get a quote on bay window installation at your place.

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What Is a Bay Window?

Bay windows are designed to project outside your home. A typical bay window typically consists of three sections - a fixed window in the center and two outside flankers that can be double-hung or casement windows, depending on how you want them to operate.

Both small and large bay windows can add a lot of curbside appeal on the outside of your home whereas on the inside, it provides great, usable and functional space.

You can use this space as a display area for your favorite things (whether it’s flowers, books, or vinyl records). If you have pets, the bay window area will become one of their favorite spots in the house. It’s also great for sitting and drinking a coffee while enjoying a nice view.

If you have a large flat window in your home, changing it to a bay window exterior will turn your room into a gorgeous living space and provide extra comfort.

In fact, many people treat these windows as an extension of their home by adding pillows and creating a cove-like living space, which is great for relaxing or enjoying a good read.

Bay Windows in Toronto and GTA

You can see plenty of bay window designs in Toronto and around the city. They were popular in Victorian-era houses and even 100 years later the bay windows are still in trend today. They are not just used as living room bay windows at the front but are very common at the back as garden or kitchen bay windows. If space allows any bedroom or basement will also benefit greatly from the bay window. 

With over 10 years of experience under our belt installing bay windows in Toronto and GTA, we've become bay windows specialists known for our outstanding quality and customer service. Don’t take our word for it though - better look at what our customers have to say about us.

Despite all of this, Vinyl Light is more than just a bay window supplier. Our ultimate goal is to help our clients realize their creative ideas and make their homes better, safer, and more comfortable.

Types of Bay Windows 

There are various bay window configurations, which can be built from different window combinations like casement, awning, single hung, picture, etc. And those can be further upgraded to have grills and colors. Black bay windows are a popular contemporary option now for modern houses.

The most common bay window type is the single bay window on the main or 2nd floor. The next one is a double bay window which is pretty much two bay windows above each other on both floors. Corner or 45 degree bay windows are pretty rare due to their complexity and odd space location which they add. 

The bay window has 2 roof types: the one which is joined with a house roof or a dedicated one build from metal or shingles. 

The support at the bottom which is called a bay window skirt can be:

  • flat — about 1 foot of studs support and insulation covered with aluminum capping
  • angled — 45 degree skirt from the middle of a bay window to a house wall. 
  • straight — going down to the ground level to wrap around the whole bay window.

Bay window skirts are usually built from studs and plywood, which is covered with vinyl or aluminum siding to protect the bay window skirt. Vinyl siding is also used for double bay windows in between.


Bay Window Replacement Cost

✅ Window Type Bay Windows Cost
✅ Average installation cost

$800-$1000 for retrofit
$1500-$2500 for new build 

✅ The cheapest bay window $1500
✅ The most expensive bay window $4500+

The bay windows are more expensive because first of all they are a combination of multiple windows and they require more time and material for installation. In comparison, a bay window can take a full day to build, when the same installer team is capable of replacing 10+ windows per day.

The average 6 foot bay window cost is around $3,500 installed. The replacement bay window prices are also influenced by the type of glass, color, grills, etc. 

The labour part of bay window replacement cost primarily depends on the size of a window and the type of roof and skirt chosen.

At Vinyl Light, we can offer you unbeatable bay window prices in Canada and provide quality bay window installation services. If you’d like to inquire about the cost of installing a new bay window in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, please contact our sales team via phone or our free quote form on this page.

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    • Any size to expand your living space 
    • Any panels of your bay window can be operational and tailored to suit your needs
    • Customizable with different colors and grills options
    • Durable and maintenance free
    • Available with double and triple glass
    • Designed to fully meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications

Our clients ask

  • What is a bay window called?

    A bay window is also called an oriel, or oriel window, when it projects from an upper story and is supported by corbels. Bay windows are associated historically with mansions of the early English Renaissance.

    The word itself actually comes from the old French word 'baee', which means opening or hole. Bay windows are a combination of three or more windows that angle out beyond an exterior wall in a square, hexagonal or octagonal shape. Because they angle out beyond the exterior wall, this creates a compartment.

  • Do bay windows increase home value?

    Bay windows add value to any home by increasing its market value, providing large views of the natural surroundings, more sunlight, and increased ventilation and airflow. More importantly, it's critical to have a bay window installed by a professional to ensure that it's done correctly.

  • Do you need planning permission for the bay window?

    Bay windows are a little different from a standard windows as they protrude out from the wall of the house. Because of this, for planning permission purposes, they're treated like an extension: If you're replacing an existing bay window then you DON'T need planning permission.

  • What are the advantages of bay windows?
    • More natural light.
    • Bay windows add style and volume to any space.
    • Good ventilation.
    • Increased home value.
    • Create a cozy reading retreat.
    • Versatility.
    • More storage space.
  • How much does it cost to buy and install a bay window?

    The average cost to install a bay window is $2,500 to $3,500 as of 2022, which includes the cost of the windows; extra materials like studs, plywood, aluminum, siding; plus labour and installation.

  • How long does it take to install a bay window?

    The installation time varies depending on the size of the window we are working on and the type of the bay’s window roof and the skirt needed. It may take between 6-8 hours for a new build, and 3-4 hours for a replacement project.

  • Are bay windows out of style?

    Bow and bay windows look stunning and are popular on rustic and older properties. They're less commonly seen on new builds for the front, but are still widely used at the rear of the house. Are bow windows outdated? Their popularity in North America suggests that they're still as fashionable as ever. Properties with them have a lot of curb appeal.

  • How deep can a bay window be?

    The depth of a bay window depends on the angle it protrudes from the house. Most 30-degree bay windows are 12 to 14 inches deep, and 45-degree units range from about 16 to 22 inches deep. Box bay windows are about 18 to 24 inches deep.

  • Does a bay window need a roof?

    In most installations, a small roof is built over the top of the window. Occasionally a bay window can be tucked underneath an overhanging eave, eliminating the need for a roof.

  • What's the difference between a bay and a bow window?

    Bay Window
    Bow Window
    Has three openings, each of which are angled. The number of windows is normally four or five.
    Its general structure is a picture window on one side and two smaller windows on the other. The framework is curved, giving it a rounded appearance on the outside.
    Contemporary geometric lines are typical for modern residences. Its semi-circular exterior structure is perfect for any Victorian-style home.
    Extended further towards the outside, giving the inside a bit additional floor space. By more glass panes, can let more light into the room.
    Are rarely as wide as bow windows because they only have three panels. Can be looped around a building's corner, creating an eye-catching turret on the outside and an inviting nook on the inside. This favourable alternative also provides views from both sides of the house.
  • Which is cheaper bay or bow window?

    Bow windows tend to cost a little more than similarly sized bay windows, but that difference is small - about 10%. So choose the window that you like more or the one that fits your space better.

  • Can you replace a bow window with a bay window?

    You may simply want to update your home design with a change of style. If so, replacing your bow window with a bay window is a great way to do so. Technically replacing a bow window with a bay window is like replacing a flat window with a bow or bay. It needs to be all built from scratch.

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Bay Window Glass Options

  • LoE Coatings

    We have all types of LoE Coatings: LoE-180; Loe-272; LoE-366 and newest LoE-i89 to maximize your glass performance.

  • Self-Cleaning

    Self-Cleaning coating keeps the windows cleaner longer and when you must clean your glass, it will be easier and fast.

  • Triple, Tempered, Laminated

    Get the best insulation with Triple glass; best strength with Tempered glass or best noise reduction with Laminated one.

Bay Window Upgrades Options

Our Easy 3-Step Process

  • Step 1. Quotation & Measurements

    We will measure, consult and quote.

  • Step 2. Manufacturing

    We will manufacturer as per specs.

  • Step 3. Installation

    We will install and clean up.

The addition of a bay window will make any room in your house appear larger and more connected to the outdoors. Easily customizable, bay windows work well when flanked by casements or single-hungs.

Bay Window Replacement in Toronto

So if you’re still wondering “What’s the best company offering bay window replacement near me?”, doubt no more and go with Vinyl Light.

Our main advantages are:

  • 35+ years of combined professional experience;
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  • Worry-free installation (we have WSIB and liability insurance).

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