Modern Steel Entry Doors

When choosing an entry door for your home, you’re not just looking for any cheap stainless steel doors for sale that are currently available on the market. You want the door to match your house - both in style and material.

You also want your ideal door to be able to withstand the harshest weather conditions, be it extreme winter cold, blistering summer heat, or pouring heavy rain. The great thing you’re here because that’s exactly the type of doors we offer our clients at Vinyl Light.

Our residential steel entry doors come in a wide range of styles and configurations to please even the most demanding customers.

We take front door replacement projects in the following cities: Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, East York, North York, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Scarborough, Pickering, Oshawa, Ajax, Newmarket, King City, Caledon, Georgetown, Milton. Haven't found your location on the list? Reach out to us to see if we can install modern exterior steel entry doors at your place.



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Modern Front Entry Doors with Glass Inserts in Toronto and GTA

When it comes to the important decision of choosing the right modern entry door unit for your home, the two most common choices are steel doors and fiberglass doors. We offer both of these types and have them available in a number of styles and finishes so you could easily find the one that matches your house exterior.

Enhance your home’s facade style with a new entrance door replaced by Vinyl Light 

We have been installing steel doors in Greater Toronto and the surrounding area  since 2013 so our clients can always expect the following:

  • Affordable doors price from Ontario manufacturers
  • Certified and experienced installers
  • Guaranteed warranty
  • Wide range of custom options
  • Outstanding customer service

How to Choose a Front Door?

With all the options and designs available the task of choosing the right front door might become overwhelming.

Let’s break it down into 4 steps:

  1. Decide if your current door configuration works for you or you’d like to change it. 
    Will you keep the sidelite/transom or make an oversized door? Will it be a double door or a single with 2 sidelites or maybe 1 oversize sidelite?
  2. Decide if it’s going to be a steel door or a fiberglass one. 
    Steel doors are more common and usually more affordable. The fiberglass doors are the ones that look like wood, they have all the wood grains and sharp details that are highlighted once it’s stained and lacquered. 
  3. Decide if you are going to add the glass to the door or keep it solid. 
    Solid doors have about a dozen design options. They pair well with sidelites. Also, look good on their own in more contemporary styles in steel and always great in fiberglass. 
    The doors with glass open unlimited possibilities. You can choose the glass from the catalogues, create your own, play with sizes and numbers of glass inserts, position in the door, etc. This will take more time but surely will pay off with the right door just for you.
  4. Last, but not least decide on the color for the door and the handle. 
    The classic white will not cost you anything extra, but a door with a color will look so much better. The color does not have to match your windows, brick or garage door. The front door has a big enough character of its own and can be any color: red, yellow, green, blue, Ferrari orange...we’ve done so many and they all look great!
    The right handle will add the last finishing touch to complete the picture. It’s true what designers say, that if you cannot replace the door now, replace the old handle, it can change the look of your door drastically, that’s how much value it carries.

Create Your Door for Front of House

Give it a try at creating your dream door and send us your design for the quote.

Steel Doors Gallery

We can match any design you saw online or on the streets. Also create something unique just for you. Here are also some styles for your inspiration.

Front Door Replacement Cost

There are thousands of different door designs that’s why the front entry door prices differ. The cost of house entry door replacement on average is about $2,500, but that is a rough indication because the price range here is big. The cost of steel entry doors starts as low as $750, which would act as your base that can be customized to become $5,000 or more. Every extra piece that you add to it reflects on its price. It is complicated to put a price tag for every component as those range in price as well, so we’ll give you the indications to understand why one door is more than another.

✅ Door type Steel Entry Door
✅ Models in our catalog 400+
✅ Average installation cost $800
✅ The cheapest steel entry door $650
✅ The most expensive steel entry door $5000+
  • Door Configuration: a single door is the cheapest and it goes up in price when you add another door, sidelite or transom 
  • Door Size: standard door size is 28”; 30”; 32”; 34” or 36” in width and 79.5” in height. Everything else is a custom size, which adds to the price
  • Door Design: there are some common classic solid door designs and there are some more modern options, but the price difference is small.
  • Door Glass Design: clear glass is usually the cheapest; one texture privacy glass is more (ex. sandblast, rain, chinchilla, etc. and they range in price); design glass is next in line (the different designs range in price), and on the top of the list is wrought iron (they also range in price) There are some exceptions though.
  • Door Glass Size: the bigger the glass the more it is, considering you are choosing from the standard sizes because a smaller custom glass size will cost you more than a standard bigger one. Most common standard sizes: 22x36” (half the door); 22x48” (3/4 of the door); 22x64” (full size)
  • Sidelite: there is a sidelite with a panel, which basically has an edge around the glass and there is a direct glass sidelite, where the glass is encased into a frame. The 2nd one is cheaper, But it all changes once you add the glass to it, then it all depends on the glass design and the size because for the direct glaze sidelite the glass must be custom made. 
  • Transom: the size of the transom dictates its price and also the shaped one is extra.
  • Color: white color is free, color for the outside is extra plus more if you add the color inside. Stain for the fiberglass is more than paint and the fibreglass door must be painted or stained on both sides
  • Lock and handle: the design and even the color finish makes a difference. The price range is big here from a simple deadbolt with a lever to a multipoint lock or one with a pull bar handle
  • Miscellaneous customizations: there is a wide range of other design features that can customize your door and change its price: executive panels, stainless steel lines and inserts, grooves or nails/clavos, decorative shelves; mouldings, sill color, frame depth, etc

Looking for an actual price for your door project?  Get a no-cost, no-obligation free estimate from Vinyl Light Windows & Doors. One of our knowledgeable technicians will be able to guide you through the options available to choose the right door for you at the right price to fit your budget.

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  • Steel doors colors and configurations

    Steel doors

    Sturdy and energy-efficient, our steel doors are the most popular and require minimum maintenance. Plus, they are typically less expensive than other types. Found in many modern and classic styles, they are a perfect frame for any glass size and design. Unlimited color options will make even a boring facade stand out. Are you looking for a blue or white steel front door? We've got you covered!

  • Steel doors specification

    Steel doors specifications

    Skin: 24-G steel meets the CAN/CGSB-82.5-M88       
    Steel Finish: prefinished white polytechnic 141(polyester) 
    Hot Dipped Galvanized: G-40 for increased rust resistance
    Wood Stiles & Rails: 1 3/16″ knot-free, finger-jointed pine
    Insulation: urethane with R-value: 13.1, HCFX free 

Any configuration

  • Single or Double entry doors
  • With transom or sidelights
  • Up to 8 feet high
  • Up to 42 inches wide
  • Any color

Wide range of glass

  • ¼, ½, ¾, oval or full-size glass
  • Clear, tinted, privacy, design, wrought iron options. Always tempered or laminated for extra security
  • Matching transom and sidelight
  • Custom size and design glass available

Transoms and Sidelites

  • Any size and shape transoms
  • Double or triple glass
  • ½, ¾, full size, direct glaze or no glass sidelight
  • Operational or venting sidelights

Our clients ask

  • Is a steel door good for the main door?
    Yes, it is. Steel doors are super-reliable and strong, with a service life of 20+ years. Also, steel doors are not prone to warping like wooden doors - you just have to be careful not to scratch or dent them. For our clients in the Greater Toronto Area, it’s a number one choice for entry doors.
  • How much does a new steel front door cost?
    Typically, a steel entrance door would cost you anywhere from $1,200 to $2,800 to install or replace, depending on the design and size.
  • How long does it take to install a steel entry door?
    From the moment a door is delivered and unpacked, it should take no more than 3 hours to install it. If the door comes with sidelites or transom, an extra hour or two may be required to complete the installation.
  • Will steel doors rust?
    They might, but only if the protective coat of paint is scratched or the door itself is dented. This is why you should paint over any scratch that appears on your steel door to ensure rust-free service life.
  • What is the advantage of metal exterior doors?
    The main advantage of metal exterior doors is that they are more energy-efficient due to better insulation. All in all, steel doors offer a great market value for the customer - they are reliable, safe, and affordable, all at the same time.
  • What size do steel doors come in?

    Standard steel doors come in the following sizes:

    • Width 28”; 30”; 32”; 34”; 36”
    • Height 79.5”; 84.5”; 95.5”
  • How long do steel doors last?
    The standard service life for a properly installed steel door is 20 years or longer. The cost of maintenance and repairs (if needed) is relatively low.
  • Which is more secure - steel or fiberglass door?
    When it comes to security, the most important factor is the lock - and not the door material. If you have additional security concerns, you can always get a steel door with a solid composite vinyl frame instead of the wooden one. Combined with a good lock, this will make your entrance door almost impenetrable.
  • Can you paint steel doors?
    Yes, metal doors can be painted. However, before doing so, you should take the door out of its frame and remove (or cover with tape) any hardware. Then, you should sand the door, prime it, and, finally, paint it (ideally, spray-paint). Minimum DIY skills are required for the job.
  • Are steel doors energy efficient?
    Steel doors are highly energy-efficient! This comes mainly from the fact that they are filled with high-density foam and feature weatherstrips and sweeps that easily stop the drafts.

Got a question?

Doors Configurations

Our doors can be combined with transoms and sidelites to create many options to fit your home and showcase your personal style.

  • Single steel entry door

    Single Door

    Clean and solid single door can have an infinite design options when fitted with a glass of your choice

  • Single steel entry door with one sidelite

    Single Door With 1 Sidelite

    The sidelite on either side of a door will pair well with one adding a great design touch, especially with a matching door glass

  • Single steel entry door with two sidelites

    Single Door With 2 Sidelites

    Two sidelites will beautifully centre your door with plenty of light, so you might consider one without a glass

  • Single steel entry door with transom

    Single Door With Transom

    The transom can extend your door beyond the standards, adding the view without privacy issues

  • Single steel entry door with one sidelite and transom

    Single Door With 1 Sidelite & Transom

    This classic combination can play well together with the right choice of glass and color

  • Single steel entry door with two sidelites and transom

    Single Door With 2 Sidelites & Transom

    Those four elements when put together create an outstanding balance of design and uniformity

  • double steel entry door

    Double Door

    A rich and classic door configuration that will never go out of style, either you add the glass or don't

  • single steel entry door with wide sidelite

    Single Door With Wide Sidelite

    The oversized sidelite is surely an eye catcher with its bold and contemporary look

  • double steel entry door with transom

    Double Door With Transom

    This classic combination is still a popular style especially for the back of a house for maximum air floor, view and light

  • 8' or 95

    8' or 95" Single Door

    The high door will sure to impress especially once you get to open it, with bonus of making the ceiling look higher

  • 8' single steel entry door with one sidelite

    8' Single Door With 1 Sidelite

    Space permitting, use this combo that you will never regret getting every time you look at it

  • 8' steel entry door with two sidelites

    8' Door with 2 Sidelites

    2 high sidelites with an 8 feet door deliver a grand impact that only 8' double door can match

Popular Steel Doors

Those are our most popular steel doors design. Please check our catalogues for more options. Can not find what you are looking for? Don't hesitate to call us to drop a request.

  • Oso

  • Uno 4 steel lines

  • Linea, 7x64" Glass

  • Uno 4 x 22x11" Frosted

  • 22x48" Frosted

  • 22x48" Celeste

  • 22x48" Chanelle

  • 22x64" Santa Cruz WI

  • 22x14" Pinevalley

More Doors Options

All the styles you like at great prices you want.

Exterior Entry Doors Replacement in Toronto

Durability is a high priority for most homeowners but so is the front door replacement cost. Why pay more when there’s us, a company that offers top-quality, professionally done entry door replacement in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area.

We realize that for you, our client, every door unit replacement is an investment. Knowing your options and choosing the right door is going to save you a lot of time, money, and frustration.

If you’re still thinking “What’s the best front door replacement near me?”, think no further than Vinyl Light. We will handle your front door replacement from A to Z and leave you wondering “How could it be THAT cheap and THAT good?

Considerations When Purchasing Entry Doors For Your Home

Front door replacement can drastically change the facade of your house. This is what you use every day, this is what your guests see when they arrive, this is what most people notice when they pass by, so the door looks is very important to your whole house appearance. 

Also, a durable front door made of high-quality materials guarantees security and energy efficiency for your home.

Steel Entry Doors  

Most homeowners choose steel front doors because of their price factor and high customization. Our steel doors are well insulated due to the high-density foam inside wrapped in a thick steel shell. A well-made steel door will not warp, crack or rust and requires minimum maintenance.

Fiberglass Doors  

Fiberglass door creates the look of real wood but at the same time, it is much more durable. This door material is prevented from the dent and keeps its new look for years! It looks rich and fancy. The door material with its finish adds significantly to your house appearance. Fiberglass door is a good investment. No maintenance like painting is required. Besides, it saves the monthly cost of your energy bills as it is packed with an insulated core.

Choosing a front door might be complicated. If you have decided to replace your exterior door look through our catalogues to see what catches your eye. If you need a hand, give us a call.

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