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Fiberglass doors installation is best done by professionals who have the right skills, tools, and expertise - that’s not to mention the fact that you may need expert advice on what type of door to get for your house.

For more than 13 years we have been providing fiberglass door installation services in Toronto, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Brampton, Oakville, East York, North York, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Scarborough, Pickering, Oshawa, Ajax, Newmarket, King City, Caledon, Georgetown, Milton. Haven't found your location on the list? Reach out to us to inquire about the cost to replace a fiberglass door at your place.

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Fiberglass Doors Installation in Toronto and GTA

Fiberglass doors are a very popular choice for many customers for a number of reasons. First of all, they are really durable and secure because the skin is made from one of the strongest man-made material. Secondly, they have the rich real wood look with no rotting, cracking or paint peeling. Finally, they’re well insulated inside and around.

Fiberglass doors are made out of one piece of fiberglass. They are molded to look like a panel door and have real wood on the perimeter and a high density foam core inside, which makes these doors very efficient.

These doors may come with lites, which are made of thermally broken tempered glass and weather stripping around the perimeter, which compresses when you close the door creating a draft-free, tight seal.

If you’ve been looking to get affordable, quality fiberglass doors installation services near you, we are the right people to talk to.

We’ve been doing fiberglass door installation in Toronto and the GTA for more than a decade and guarantee to offer you the best value for your money.

Installation Process

In its most general form, we pop out the old one and put in the new one. Now, here are the steps of the process:

  • Taking the old door off the hinges;
  • Removing the casing and brickmold;
  • Cutting the jamb out (a reciprocating saw may be used);
  • Prying out the frame and removing the threshold;
  • Cleaning the opening for the new door (removing any leftover screws, foam, caulking, debris)
  • Making sure the subfloor is sturdy and level;
  • Running a few beads of caulking under the sill;
  • Positioning the door in place;
  • Making sure the door is tight and level with shims;
  • Driving the screws through the hinges and shims to secure the door;
  • Checking again if the door is level and opens/closes properly;
  • Spray-foaming around the perimeter;
  • Installing the casing inside and brickmold outside (if it comes loose);
  • Caulking all the way around;
  • Installing the door handle;
  • Clean up, final inspection and finishing touches.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Fiberglass Doors?

Installing a fiberglass door may look easy on paper but in reality, it has to be done by professionals who can make your door open and close smoothly.

At Vinyl Light, we are ready to offer you the best fiberglass doors installation price and top-notch quality services from our professional team - unmatched for THAT price.

The cost of the door installation process differs depending on a number of factors, such as the particular opening, type of door, etc.

To find out the actual cost to install fiberglass doors in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, please contact our team for a free quote.

They will reply quickly with a price estimation and can also consult you on the purchase helping you to choose the fiberglass door that would be right for your house and your budget.

Fiberglass Door Installation Cost

✅ Door Type Fiberglass Entry Door 
✅ Models in our catalog

Unlimited design options

✅ Average installation cost $800
✅ The cheapest fiberglass door $1800
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Our clients ask

  • Is fiberglass good for doors?

    Fiberglass doors are generally a long-lasting option. It is one of the strongest man made materials which is highly durable and maintenance free. Unlike wood, fiberglass does not crack or rot and can withstand all the elements. When compared to steel it does not dent and rust.

  • Which is better fiberglass or metal front doors?

    Both options have their pros and cons. Steel door is usually a #1 option because of its low maintenance, price and variety of options. But it can rust when scratched and can have dents.

    Fiberglass will never rust and is resilient to dents, but it's a pricier option which is usually chosen for its wooden look.

  • Which is better vinyl or fiberglass doors?

    When comparing vinyl vs fiberglass patio doors, fiberglass french doors do definitely look better. Nothing beats the elegant richness of the stained wood. They also are better insulated and more durable than vinyl sliding patio doors. From the price prospective the sliding door is a better option and it usually has a larger glass.

  • How much does it cost to put up a fiberglass front door?

    The price of the custom fiberglass door starts at $1,800 for a single door and can range $3,500 - $4,500 for a double door set or the one with sidelites. The labor costs to install an exterior door runs from $700 to $1,500.

  • What are the disadvantages of fiberglass doors?
    • Price. Compared to a vinyl or steel door, a fiberglass is on top of the pricelist.
    • Warpage. A fiberglass door can warp when exposed to high temperature fluctuations, so they usually require a multipoint lock for extra support.
    • Fading. Prolonged exposure to direct sunlight can fade the stain coating.
  • How long will a fiberglass door last?

    In a reasonably protected location, a fiberglass exterior door can easily last 30+ years with virtually zero maintenance. The material is not afraid of scratches and does not dent, so it can take the daily use for many years without deterioration. With time the weatherstipping might need to be replaced, but the door itself can serve a lifetime.

  • Is it easy to break into a fiberglass door?

    It all goes back to what fiberglass is. All those glass fibers running together in the plastic composition create a shatterproof barrier that gives a great deal of integrity to the door and the frame itself. Combined with the multipoint lock system it becomes the strongest door on the market.

  • How long does it take to install a fiberglass exterior door?

    Replacing an exterior fiberglass single door will take 3-5 hours. A double door or the one with sidelites takes 4-6 hours by the professional.

  • Do fiberglass doors need to be painted?

    Fiberglass looks better when stained to highlight all the wood grains mimicking the real wood appearance, unless it is a smooth fiberglass. But it can also be painted. Either stained or painted, the fiberglass must be treated to cover the yellowish original stage of the material, which looks unfinished.

  • Can you cut a mail slot in a fiberglass door?

    You certainly can cut or drill into a fiberglass door if you want to add a mail slot, dog door, glass light panel, or cut off some of the height.

  • Can you replace a fiberglass door without replacing the frame?

    Yes, you can replace any door without replacing the frame, but it’s not recommended for multiple reasons. Usually the doors are sold prehung and buying just the slab can void the warranty. Prehung doors will better fit your opening. A door is adjusted with a frame when installed to properly level it. A new door with an old frame might not seal well or even open/close.

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