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Double hinged or French patio doors offer you that beautiful, classic look that can’t be emulated with anything else. If you want to leave a lasting impression on anyone who visits your home, go for French garden doors.

At Vinyl Light, we’ve got exterior French patio doors for sale in a wide variety of styles and configurations. See for yourself!

We offer competitive prices and never charge any additional fees for services you will never need. All you have to do is contact us with as little as a simple question, and we’ll be there to provide you with our expert consultation and buying tips.

We take French door replacement projects in the following area: Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, East York, North York, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Scarborough, Pickering, Oshawa, Ajax, Newmarket, King City, Caledon, Georgetown, Milton. Haven't found your location on the list? Reach out to us to get a quote on outdoor French door installation at your place.

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Exterior French Patio Doors Replacement in Toronto

Among all of the great things the French culture has given us, French doors are usually remembered the last but certainly not least.

These doors are a great way to let in natural light and bring the inside to the outside. They certainly add a bit of that classy look to your home and why wouldn’t anyone want to have that for theirs?

Considerations When Purchasing French Doors

If you are considering French door replacement, here are some things you should know about French doors:

  • Double French door — The most popular exterior French door in Canada is when both doors can open, hinged on both sides. One is being the main operational and another is having the pins at the bottom and top to secure it in place or to open when needed. 
  • Single French door — It also consists of 2 doors, but one is completely fixed and does not open. This allows the operable door to have hinges on the left or the right side. This setup is primarily used when there is restricted space inside the house.
  • Inswing French door — A door, being single or double, opens inside the house by default. This way the hinges are protected inside the house and the door is better insulated. 
  • Outswing French door — This type is used when there is no space inside the house to open the doors in. It is recommended to have the roof above this door set up because it might leak. The astragal (1.5“ bar which runs in the middle from top to bottom covering the connection where 2 doors meet) is now inside the house, not outside and with heavy sideway rain, the water might get between the gap of 2 doors and leak inside the house. 
  • Steel French door — The large majority of French doors are steel because most of the french door's exterior is white and steel doors already come white from the factory. Steel doors are also cheaper overall, so why spend more on something that is at the back and is almost all glass anyways. 
  • Fiberglass French door — This is an option for someone who wants a stained french door so it looks wooden. It is definitely a more luxurious look, especially with SDL Grills to mimic the old french door look, back to the days when all the doors were made from wood.
  • Painted French door — White color is classic for the french doors, but they can be painted any color, like front doors. The black French doors/Black steel French patio doors are becoming a trend now together with windows.
  • Secure French door — Good quality lock plays the most important role in french door security. The french door must have a dedicated deadbolt and a separate handle, avoid the 2-in-1 combination, they are very easy to open. Multipoint lock handle will definitely increase the french door security, but it comes with a price tag and you will need a set of 2 (dummy and operational) for a uniform look on 2 doors. The glass is hard to break on the French doors because it’s tempered and always double pane. There is an option to upgrade to a triple glazed french door, which will make more secured and better soundproofed french door. 

Now that you’ve got to know more about French doors, you’ll probably like to get in touch with your local steel french doors manufacturer and get one for your home. You will be looking for a fair modern French door price that would include quick delivery, expert handling, and professional installation, then what you need is Vinyl Light Windows & Doors.

French Garden Doors Gallery

Add a classy touch to your house with beautiful garden door.

How Much do French Patio Doors Cost?

✅ Door type French Garden Doors
✅ Models in our catalog 200+
✅ Average installation cost $800
✅ The cheapest French door $2,000
✅ The most expensive French door $4,000+

The most basic French patio door starts at $3,199 supplied and installed, which includes:

  • Measurements of the door to ensure that your new door’s height, width and depth is manufactured for a perfect fit
  • Steel, white french door with full-size clear glass. Pre-hung with all the parts, but the lock
  • Delivery, installation of the door, installation of the lock, removal of the old door
  • 20 years warranty

The extra parts can be added like grills of different designs, colors, handles, miniblinds, venting glass, etc, to suit any house in and around GTA, as well as to fit any cottage with an ideal set of french doors.

If you are looking where to buy french doors, look no further and give us a call or send a request. We would be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

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  • More style

    French doors might add extra style points to an otherwise plain-looking room - mainly, due to their recognizable aesthetics. At Vinyl Light catalogue you will find best rated arched contemporary and victorian exterior french doors. These doors are the perfect match for loft-style interiors.

    We are among a few companies in Toronto that offer custom French patio door options.

  • More light

    Simply by their design and the use of glass, French doors allow plenty of natural light into the room making them ideal for the sunny side of the house.

    As an option, you can choose French doors with built-in mini blinds inside of the glass or tinted glass window panels.

  • Perfect connection

    Even a cheap set of steel French patio doors can make a drastic change in how your living spaces are connected.

    French doors to the garden can come with built-in screens and a dog door.

  • Solid investment

    Sooner or later, a time comes when you have to put your house on the market. Modern French doors to the deck will certainly add some extra value to the final price.

Any Configuration

  • Steel or fiberglass
  • With standard or oversize sidelites
  • With single or multiple transoms

Any Size

  • Standard width with a frame: 58“; 62“; 66“; 70“; 74“
  • Standard height with a frame: 82.5“(7') or 98.5“(8')
  • Any custom size is possible 


Any Upgrade

  • Unlimited color options
  • Built-in miniblinds 
  • Glass grills in many designs
  • Venting glass

Our clients ask

  • What is a French patio door?
    A French door is a variation of a patio double door with hinges on the side and swing-open action. Obviously, these doors got their name from having originated in France. French doors are prized for their fine style and the amount of natural light they allow into a house.
  • What is the cost of French patio doors?
    The cost of French patio doors varies between $2,000 for basic models and $4,000 for large-sized, custom-designed models.
  • What sizes do French doors come in?
    Standard French doors are usually 80 inches high and 72 inches wide, which makes them a great option for any entryway.
  • Do both doors open on French doors?
    In short, yes. The very idea behind French doors suggests that you can use one door (equipped with a lock and a handle) on an everyday basis. Also, you can lift the latches on the non-moving segment for the purpose of moving furniture or simply to let in some fresh air.
  • How much do French doors cost to install?
    A typical set of French doors would cost you about $800 to install. The cost could be slightly higher if you’re installing the doors on the second floor or another hard-to-reach location.
  • How long does it take to install French doors?
    The installation process typically takes anywhere from 4 hours (for a newly-built house) to 6 hours for an existing setup (that includes removing the old door).
  • Should French doors open in or out?
    It all depends on how you want them to open. If your goal is to maximize the floor space, it makes sense to have your French doors open outward. If your goal is to maximize your patio space, it’s better to have inward-opening French doors.
  • What is the difference between a patio door and a French door?
    The difference is in the way these doors open: patio doors open to the side via a slide-action mechanism while French doors are placed on hinges and swing open (in or out).
  • What is more secure - patio doors or French doors?
    Both types are equally secure. French doors can have multiple locking options such as a guardian lock, twin lock, or even a security bar.
  • Do French doors add value to your home?
    They sure do! A nice set of French doors can always add value to your facade or backyard. With their gorgeous look and fine style, French doors are always a great choice.

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French Doors with Screens Installation

There are many places where you can get French patio doors with screens in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, however, we do think that Vinyl Light is the one you should consider first.

As a company that has specialized in windows and door installation for over 13 years, we know all the ins and outs and can handle all the stages of the process - from picking the right manufacturer to installing the glass French doors that will complement your home interior and exterior design.

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