Replacement Vinyl Windows Styles in Ontario: Complete Guide

Once you replace your old windows with new ones you would never regret about this totally right decision. There are so many options on windows' styles made in Canada, unique designs and colours. You are able to customize your new windows to fit the opening size which works perfectly for your taste and your home.

But how to make a right choice replacing your windows in Canada? Without proper knowledge one would find it to be a real task. Here with this article you will learn which styles of windows in Canada you may choose, which materials are used for window replacement and many other features and tips to help you to find the best windows in Toronto for your home.

Vinyl windows

Replacement Window Styles

There are replacement vinyl window styles available in our website:

  1. Double Hung Windows - are windows with two operable sashes which can be tilted. This windows style is one of the most popular among the homeowners. Double hung windows are the perfect choice for any room in your home.
  2. Sliding Windows - are windows with less operating parts and which can be designed as 2-section or 3-section slider for a wider window opening. The sashes here are quickly to remove for easy cleaning. Sliding windows add a modern look to your home.
  3. Casement Windows - are windows hinged at the side and have an easy to operate single hand crank. This handle crank is reachable at the most uncomfortable spaces such at over the kitchen sink. The crank also has smooth design and alined with the window frame without touching blinds and curtains. Casement windows can be cranked fully open to let natural light and fresh air into your room.
  4. Picture Windows - are windows with fixed panes of glass which don't let you open them though they look very clean and clear with great energy efficiency benefits. Picture windows give you more natural light and better view. You may combine picture and operable windows together. Picture windows would be perfect for your living and family rooms as well as for all other rooms in combination with operable ones.
  5. Bow Windows - are windows with 3-5 equally sized windows which extend through the window opening. Bow windows in Canada are usually assembled with casement or fixed picture windows styles. Because of a multiple windows design a bow window lets natural light to enter the room from different angles. Bow windows produced in Ontario allow your room to become more open, lighter and generally more comfortable. People choose bow windows for the front yards as they add beauty to a house.
  6. Bay Windows - are windows which offer many same benefits as bow windows. Toronto bay windows are looking great and are very durable. Bay windows comes with series of three windows with large window in the middle and two smaller ones on the sides. Two side windows are commonly casement windows, double hung windows or fixed picture windows same as the one in the middle. Same as bow windows bay windows are chosen for the rooms facing the front of a home letting natural light in.
  7. Architectural Windows - are windows which come in a variety of shapes and sizes (moon, half moon etc). Ontario homeowners often choose windows with shapes to accent bedrooms, dens, entryways, hallways. It is popular to add some personal touch by choosing design glass for windows with shapes. Canadian architectural windows add perfectly unique and distinctive look to your home.
  8. Basement windows - are windows with a single sash hinged at the bottom and tilts open inward. Ontario sliding basement windows are also very popular.

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