How to Choose Windows for Living Room: Types, Ideas and Sizes

The living room windows usually stand out while looking at the front of your house. It is your home's front room that is frequently used for family gatherings and entertaining. Naturally, you want your living room windows to be both fashionable and functional. They must supply your home with light, ventilation and energy efficiency. This helpful blog from Vinyl Light Windows and Doors is going to guide you through.

Living Room Windows Styles and Types

In terms of Frame Profile there are:

  • High Profile windows
  • Low Profile windows


  • Casements
  • Awnings
  • Fixed Casement

These vinyl windows are more energy-efficient, although they have a smaller glass area allowing less daylight in.

LOW FRAME PROFILE windows are:

  • Sliders
  • Hungs
  • End-vents
  • Picture

Fixed windows can be both of low and high profiles at the same time with the ability to be combined with other windows’ styles for the living room. It is common to mix high and low-profile windows to let more air and view in at the same time.

Vinyl windows

More information on Bay windows you may find following our link:

Most popular classic combination options are:

  • 1/4Casement + 2/4Fixed + 1/4Casement
  • 1/3Casement + 1/3Fixed + 1/3Casement
  • 2/3Picture over 1/3Slider

The most popular modern combination options are:

  • 1/4Casement + 3/4Fixed or Picture
  • 1/2Picture + 1/2Picture
  • Picture

In terms of Styles there are:

  • Living room Bay windows. Bay windows are your best bet if you want a panoramic view with a lot of natural light extending from multiple directions into your living room. Bay windows, which often stretch out from the wall, can offer a little extra space to your living area. Some homeowners turn the window ledge into a padded reading area with cozy pillows or decorate it with plants.
  • Living room Picture windows. Offer a vast unimpeded perspective of the outside world. Picture windows are extremely energy efficient since they are inoperable and securely sealed at the edges.
  • Living room Casement windows. Are excellent for enabling air to circulate into your living room because they open entirely. Because they are tightly sealed and fastened to the window frame, they are the most energy-efficient living room windows that open.
  • Living room Slider windows. Allow plenty of natural light into your living area. If you have a beautiful outdoor view they also allow you to enjoy it incredibly! Slider windows don't take up any more space than your wall because they don't protrude from the outside.

Popular living room window colors and shapes

Popular Living Room Window Colors and Shapes

Everyone will notice your living room windows design because they are in the front of your house!

The best design idea for living room windows is to add visual drama to your living space by choosing architectural windows. They are made to order in the shape you desire, such as:

  • triangles
  • semi-circles
  • hexagons and more.

Shaped windows design for living room is frequently used in conjunction with other types of windows. You may even personalize the glass with a variety of grills options. (Very often grills ideas for bay windows in a living room make it look outstanding).

You may customize windows that exactly suit your living room area by using a selection of internal and external colour options. To match your current trim, cabinets or flooring, choose from a variety of solid colours and woodgrains.

Always consider:

  • the style of your home
  • the type of use you want to get out of your living room windows
  • any extra design aspects you've noticed in the past when researching living room window ideas.

Our Vinyl Light knowledgeable dealers are eager to collaborate with you to design a unique solution that will provide you with the efficiency and view you desire.

Living Room Windows Sizes

The windows dimensions for the living room are frequently the largest in the house.

Because normal windows are limited in size, you may want to consider a combination of many windows combined into one unit for your living room replacement. The chart below shows the minimum and maximum measurements for various windows dimension for living rooms in Canada.

Keep in mind that you can't use both maximum dimensions at the same time. What matters most is that the maximum square footage be kept within the bounds of the parameter.

Window Style (Triple Pane)
Max Width (inches)
Max Height (inches)
Double Sliders
Single Hung
Double Hung

Because the windows for living room to outdoor are likely the largest in your home, you may be unsure which ones will best fit your needs. The majority of large living room windows are not of typical dimensions. As a result, while deciding which windows will best suit your living room and your needs, you must examine a number of things.

You won't be able to use normal-sized windows in your living room because your window or windows are likely to be enormous. As a result, you should gaze through bigger windows for the living room, as an example by picking a picture window style.

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