Clean Your Vinyl Windows and Give Them a Crystal Clear Look!

Windows Create the Look of Our House! Be Inspired to Achieve a Result of Professionally Washed Windows.


Just Follow 3 Easy Steps to Keep Your Windows Bright!

  • Step #1 GET READY

Find the right time for washing your windows. Choose the day (let's say a cloudy non windy weekend) when the weather is perfect so that you can enjoy the cleaning process which is a great workout also! Remember, sunny weather may ruin your efforts, the sun makes glass dry too fast which may lead to leaving all watermarks right on a spot. Don't let this happen and choose right weather conditions! Wash vinyl windows twice a year to keep them look fabulous.


Right chosen solution and tools would work for you the best! You will need:

Cleaning Gloves

Protect your hands! Keep gloves on during the whole washing process. After the job is done apply hand moisturizing cream or lotion.

Washing solution options:

  • Water + Vinegar Solution. Proportion 1:1! This natural mixture helps to stay away from chemicals. It prevents from watermarks left on a glass;
  • Water + small amount of dishwashing detergent;
  • You may also buy a readymade window cleaning solution.

Microfiber Cloth and Washing Cloth or Sponge

For applying solution, spreading it evenly and wiping window glass, panes and frames.

Window Squeegee

This tool removes excess water from window glass and all streaks. If you have large or high windows better to get squeegee with an extendable handle.

Window Scraper

If your windows have bird, insects' marks or other dirt, scraper will accurately remove it out of the most unreachable spots or out of hard to rich corners.

    • a) Scrape all sticky dirt out of the window surface if it has some.
    • b) Apply the solution on washing cloth or sponge and wash the glass, pane and frame with small circular motions. Work through the all window area thoroughly.
    • c) With a wet squeegee wipe up the remained solution on the glass swiping it from left to right.
    • d) Get a microfiber cloth to remove any left liquid or drops out of the glass and the window.

!!! JUST A TIP: Use the same technique for inside and outside washing. A power washer is a great tool to help you wash the second and third floors from the outside of your house !!!

Good Luck On Your Window Wash! :)