How to Determine and Fix a Leaking Window

As windows let us enjoy the surrounding protecting our house from weather changes it is necessary to provide a regular inspection from both outside and inside for possible damages or leak problems to be fixed in time. A good quality window and professional installation should prevent air and moisture to get inside. There are particular signs and reasons why windows may leak and a regular visual and physical check up is a must. Please, follow the steps and make sure your windows are remain energy efficient and secure. In addition use our suggestions how to fix the problem.

Steps of a Visual Window Checking

  • Step 1

Inside inspection: look through your window curtains for its possible moves when the air outside blows. Push the curtains away staying in a shade of the room. Inspect wether the light is visible through the spots it shouldn't come from.

  • Step 2

Outside inspection: go outside and look at your windows for: possible cracks in the frame all around the window; cracks in the caulking all around the window frame; cracks (even tiny ones) on the glass.

Steps of a Physical Window Checking

  • Step 1

Make sure all your windows are entirely closed and locked to insure a proper tight seal. Even if you are suspicious about only one window which needs to be checked close all the windows in the room anyway, it will better help you to identify if the problem exists.

  • Step 2

Check if both your furnace and air conditioner are switched off. After you do it let the remaining air cycle down. There must be no additional air and draft in the room. Minimize the air movement as much as you can. All these suggestions will help you to determine wether your windows leak or not.

  • Step 3

Grab a candle and lit it up. CAUTION: don't let kids around and make sure your curtains and staff around are away from the flame! With a candle in your hand placed on a stable surface move around the perimeter of your window, around the places where window sashes meet. As soon as you notice flame flicker this is probably the spot where the window might leak. If the flame remained calm and stable congratulations your window is doing great.

Leaking Fixture Tips:

  • Tip 1: if you have a problem of a cracked caulking simply reapply it with a fresh one. For this you will need to peel the old caulking off with a help of a putty knife. Then following a new caulking tube instructions reapply it in evenly removing any excess. The best weather for this procedure would be 45 degrees with low humidity.
  • Tip 2: if window leaks because of the gap in between glass and its frame reapply putty which keeps the glass in place peeling the old one off with a putty knife. The total procedure is very similar to the Tip 1 about caulking.
  • Tip 3: Most of the windows which leak are old windows. If leaking problems bother you on a regular bases it's probably the right time to replace your windows. Modern technologies protect new durable windows from leaking and guarantee energy efficiency for your home saving on your energy bills. The priority of double pane windows in addition with professionally done installation will do the job!