How to Measure Windows for Replacement: 5 Steps Guide

With this blog, we will teach you the basics of how to measure windows for replacement.

Replacing old windows with new energy-efficient windows is an excellent method to weatherproof your home and increase its resale value. While measuring for new windows isn't difficult, it does necessitate accuracy. The advice provided here will assist you in obtaining the precise measurements required to install well-fitting windows.

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5 Steps to Measure Vinyl Windows For Replacement

How do you measure windows for replacement? Here are steps for how to measure vinyl windows for replacement.

  • Step 1: Gather the necessary tools for measuring a window for replacement, such as measuring tape, level, pencil and paper for taking notes.
  • Step 2: For the rough opening width, take three horizontal measurements of the window frame.

Measure the distance horizontally across your frame from each side jamb at the top, middle and bottom. This is the way how to measure for full-frame replacement windows.

Make a circle around the smallest of the three figures.

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The smallest size is your approximate opening width, which is the most important factor to consider when ordering a new window.

  • Step 3: For the rough opening height, take three vertical measurements of the window frame.

From the head jamb to the window sill, measure the distance vertically across your frame from top to bottom on the left, middle and right sides of the window.

The smallest of the three figures should be circled.

  • Step 4: Take a measurement of the window's opening depth.

Because some windows are too deep to fit into a replacement window opening, determining the exact depth is critical.

Run a tape measure from the outside to the inside of the window frame and measure windows for replacement from edge to edge.

Do this in a few different places around the window frame, and use the smallest measurement as your final dimension.

  • Step 5: Obtain the size of the window opening.

Measure the window opening from the top left corner to the bottom right edge, then write down your findings. Calculate the distance between the upper-right and lower-left edges.

If you experience difficulties as to how to measure windows size for replacement properly, call Vinyl Light and the window technician will assist you.

Do You Measure Replacement Windows From the Inside or Outside?

To take the right measure for replacement windows it is important to understand which type of installation your windows need.

There are two types of windows installation:

  1. Retrofit
  2. Brick to brick.

The replacement type is the one that decides whether you have to measure your windows from inside or outside. If you ask yourself how do I measure for replacement windows in case of retrofit? The answer is: try from inside. Just measure the opening inside, from jamb to jamb in all 3 points and deduct ⅛-¼” to get the new replacement window size.

For the brick to brick installation, you take the measurements of the opening outside at 3 points and deduct ⅛-¼” to get the new replacement window size. You also need to measure the depth of the window. Open the window and measure from where it ends outside to where it starts inside with the jamb extension. You might want to add ⅛-¼” to this size to overlap the old caulking leftovers as it’s virtually impossible to get it all out.

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How to Measure For Replacement Windows on a Brick House?

The question about how to measure for replacement windows in a brick home is really popular.

Old houses require a more accurate approach. Retrofit installation is the best advice on how to measure replacement windows in an old house. Most aged buildings are prone to unwanted wall damages or other issues which are really hard to fix. That’s why retrofit is the best suggestion, when the old window’s sash is taken out and a new vinyl window is installed just into the opening, leaving the original window frame as the support.

How to measure for brick to brick windows replacement in a brick wall? For brick-to-brick, you need to measure from outside only including the brickmold. Otherwise, the window size is going to be wrong and would not fit right.

If you are experiencing a problem using a ladder you might try to measure those hard-to-reach windows from the inside by just opening the window and reaching out. You can also take outside measurements including brickmold for main floor windows and also measure them inside to see the difference. Then measure the upper floor windows from inside and add that difference.

If you are not sure just contact Vinyl Light Windows and Doors to get your windows measured and installed by our professional team.

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