How to Seal Drafty Doors: Best Tips To Fix and Prevent Air From Getting Through

One of the most popular cold season questions is how to seal drafty doors. When it comes to air leaks around a home's external doors, comfort arises as the main priority. But a draught from one or more doorways can cause a large loss of heated or cooled air. A significant air loss might arise from even minor gaps!

There are various actions you may take to solve the issue after reading this blog. Please, refer to more articles here:

How to Find Door Drafts and What Causes Them?

It’s pretty easy to identify your exterior entries needing solutions for drafty doors and fixing drafty doors, as you just feel the cold air.

There are two tests to perform in finding door drafts:

  1. Flame test. A match or lighter is all that is required. Create a flame first, then advance it down the door frame's crease. Additionally, look at the spot where the door slab and frame connect. A draught and the exact location of the vulnerable position are both directly indicated when the flame starts to flicker.
  2. Paper test. Works similarly to the flame test by using a piece of paper instead. By moving it, the paper starts waving, indicating that air is entering from the particular spot.

Main Causes of drafty doors:

  • Old or worn weatherstripping is the most frequent cause of drafty doors.
  • Door hinges and screws are loosened or not installed properly.
  • The door sweep is missing or is not aligned properly.
  • Sill is set too tight, being too low.
  • An old worn door that needs to be replaced. Wood doors are significantly more likely to be drafty because they are not foam insulated. Steel and fiberglass doors from Vinyl Light are insulated and significantly better at blocking draughts.
  • Rotten door frame. It happens with older homes and wooden doors in most the cases. Door replacement is strongly recommended. Otherwise, to keep outside air out, you must devise strategies by sealing drafty doors to close gaps between the slab and the frame.

The negative effect of drafty doors:

  • Increase costs on energy bills.
  • Uncomfortable living.
  • Risk of moisture leading to mold.
  • Bigger gaps allow insects and parasites into your home.

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How to Fix a Draughty Front Entry Door?

Let’s find out how to stop drafty doors and what to do about drafty doors.

The suggestions given below are going to be the best ways to fix drafty doors:

  1. Replace weatherstripping. It is affordable and quite simple to install. Pick weatherstripping based on the area large enough to fill the biggest gaps along the length of the door.
  2. Replace a door sweep. A new solid sweep is here to help with a drafty door. It is possible to screw the door sweep onto the door. Place it to make enough room for the door to fully open and close without catching on the door sweep.
  3. Get foam tape. The quantity of heat lost through poorly fitted front entry doors can be greatly decreased thanks to the thickness and insulation of foam tape. Apply foam tape to the door frame or door edge.
  4. Apply new caulking on a door frame. Remove the old caulking by using the proper tools and simply apply a new one.
  5. Try to use a door snake. Foam or flexible insulation can be used for this, which is wrapped around the bottom edge of the door.

How to Fix Drafty Sliding Glass Doors?

In this paragraph, you are going to find out how to insulate drafty patio doors in Canada. Sliding glass doors are found in many residences. They let in sunlight to warm the house and are lovely to look through to see the outside. If they are single-paned, they are also bad insulators and are considered to be drafty sliding glass doors.

There are five different ways how to fix drafty sliding doors:

  1. Clean the patio door and patio screen door track using a vacuum. The accumulation of particles can tilt the door off-center and raise it higher, making it difficult for the doors to seal.
  2. Get insulative curtains. These curtains contain thermal insulation, which prevents breezes and heat loss, making them superior to standard curtains. The cost is similar to that of standard ones and they are well worth the investment.
  3. Insulate with weatherstripping (pile one is the best for sliding doors). The goal is to prevent air from escaping. Weather stripping protects from drafts and has no issues with moisture. It also helps all insects to remain outdoors.
  4. Purchase a plastic insulation kit. Commonly used for windows you may apply it for your patio sliding door. You can buy a kit, seal it with a hairdryer and increase the energy efficiency of your house.
  5. Apply fresh caulking. Check the caulking around the frames and where the doors contact the house because caulk does fade with time. It should be in good condition. If the caulk is damaged, it needs to be replaced.

The given solutions are just to keep your sliding door less drafty. The best would be to replace your old doors with brand new custom-made energy-efficient patio sliding screen doors in Toronto from Vinyl Light.

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How to Fix Drafty French Doors?

How to seal drafty french doors is a very popular concern among homeowners. It can be more difficult to control the temperature to stop drafty french doors and garden doors in Canada. Compared to windows, doors allow more air to escape.

So, how to fix drafty french doors? Check the following tips:

  • For proper alignment with the door frame, adjust both door slabs.
  • Doors' hinges may sag with time, leaving holes that allow outside air to enter. To pull the doors back into position, tighten the hinge screws.
  • Foam weatherstripping should be installed around the door frame. Remove the old one and clean the door frame. Cut it to fit the length of the sides and top of the door frame, then peel off the adhesive backing from the weatherstripping foam. One strip at a time, press it into position.
  • Look for cracks in the French doors' seams. Caulking should be used to fill cracks and allowed to dry completely.
  • Insulated molding can be used to fill the space between the two doors. Use small wood nails to fasten it to one of the doors so that it covers the other door by approximately a half inch, covering the opening.
  • On the bottom of the exterior French doors install door sweeps. Make sure they don’t scratch the floor.

How to Prevent Drafty Doors?

Before the cold season starts check with the trusted window and door company if your entry door, French door or patio sliding door needs to be replaced. Contact Vinyl Light Windows and Doors for the best price and free estimate.

How to prevent drafty doors if all the given methods above are not helping with insulation for your drafty doors? What else is available to use for drafty doors?

  • As a temporary way out for drafty doors rolling a towel or other piece of heavy fabric against the door might help.
  • Close the doors to any empty rooms in your house during the winter to conserve energy.
  • Consider that your doors are making the problem worse while your old windows could be the cause of the draughts.

Any homeowner should invest in new windows and doors for:

  • reducing energy use,
  • increased comfort,
  • eliminating interior draughts,
  • saving time trying to control the temperature inside the house.

Purchase and order your new long-lasting good quality energy efficient vinyl windows and doors from Vinyl Light. Call, email or make an online request through our website today to get advice along with a free estimate!

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