Leaking Basement Windows: What Causes and How to Waterproof Them?

Leaking basement windows lead to your home being damaged, and this may not be the only issue. These leaks have the potential to encourage moisture to grow in your basement over time, which poses a number of other problems. Your belongings may be harmed by mold, which can also taint the air in your house and harm your health.

Keep reading about how to protect your home and solve the issue of leaking basement windows.

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What Causes Basement Window Leaking?

If you are experiencing water coming in the basement window, it could imply a variety of causes:

  1. Cause 1. Your gutters are clogged. Your basement window leaks may occur if your gutters are clogged, allowing water to shoot outside of the downspout. Check your gutters and downspouts to make sure they aren't draining too close to your windows. Additionally, make sure that no leaves or other debris are obstructing the downspout's ability to receive water from your gutters.
  2. Cause 2. Caulking problem. If upon making sure your gutters are fine you still have your basement windows leaking when it rains, it’s time to inspect the caulking. Over time, caulk may corrode and deteriorate. If you haven't done it for your basement windows in a few years, applying a bead of caulk around the glass and the frame or flashing will help keep your basement dry.
  3. Cause 3. Your windows need a well. In order to keep the dampness from surrounding your basement windows, put a piece of bent steel called a window well against a quarter pipe. If designed properly, it will prevent the leaking basement window below grade and assist you in draining any water that enters the surrounding area. If you do have an existing well try to fill it with gravel.
  4. Cause 4. Your window well needs covering. To reduce the quantity of garbage and water entering the window well area, you can buy a window well cover. You should always speak with a waterproofing expert to determine the finest cover for your particular situation before choosing and purchasing one for your window well.
  5. Cause 5. It’s time to replace your leaky basement window. If you have a leak in your basement that has been going on for a while, it can be an indication that the window frames around your basement are broken or have rotted away. It's possible that the basement windows' frames may also need to be replaced. Contact Vinyl Light window experts for more information.
  6. Cause 6. The grade might need adjustment. The grade can cause your basement to flood every time it rains if it slopes toward your house. Check if the grade around your basement needs to be adjusted by consulting a professional.

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How to Fix Basement Window Leaks?

Homeowners will always need to make some modest repairs to their residences. That’s why the request on how to fix a leaking basement window is consistently in trend. A possible leak in your windows might manifest itself in a number of ways, each of which calls for a must-know tip on how to stop basement leaks in windows.

Take a look at a few of these helpful common strategies on how to fix a leaky basement window if you've been having trouble figuring out what to do with a defective and leaky window.

All the mentioned above causes of leakage are basically equal to the tips on how to solve it:

  • Unclog the gutters yourself or by inviting a professional. Then simply move your downspouts further away applying an extension from the home to prevent roof runoff from moving into your basement.
  • Renew the caulking. Apply a fresh caulking layer on your window wells and basement windows, doing so may solve your problem.
  • Install or replace the windows’ well and its cover. If you are handy, get proper metal and curve it around your windows. Fill your existing well with gravel, which would drain the excessive water.
  • Adjust the grade, as it can also cause complications. Better not do it yourself, invite an expert.
  • Get new basement windows. In most cases, due to rotten old window frames, this is the only way out. New basement window replacement is the most popular way how to seal basement windows from water. Basement hopper windows and basement window standard sizes from Vinyl Light Windows and Doors are durable and will help your above and below-ground areas to remain dry all year round.

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Best Tips for Waterproofing Basement Windows

To avoid potential leakage keep in mind these top suggestions for basement window waterproofing:

  • Installing and inspecting window wells. The window well serves as a basement window water guard but may fill up with leaves, dirt and other debris as the seasons change. Snow can accumulate inside of them throughout the winter.
  • Inspecting caulking regularly. Hardware or home improvement stores always have caulk in stock. One of the best steps towards basement window water protection is recaulking your basement windows.
  • Checking on gutters. Frequently, water from clogged gutters can come straight toward the window in your basement. You may remove a significant factor that contributes to water leaking into your property by routinely examining and cleaning out your gutters with downspouts.
  • Adjusting grade. Naturally, the grade of your land might also have an impact on your windows. But it’s risky to do this on your own. Contact a specialist who can examine your property and make the necessary adjustments to resolve the problem.
  • Being ready to consider windows replacement. With old windows, every homeowner might realize a potential vinyl basement window replacement project. With leaking windows, you lose insulation and pay extra for utility. Energy-efficient windows replacement is a solid upgrade for your house. This means your home will be greatly insulated and higher in its value.

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