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Thousands of Canadian homes have vinyl sliding doors and it’s easy to see why - they’re easy to use, complement your interior design, and give you that spacious feel.

Seriously, what can be better than throw opening your patio door on a beautiful evening and hosting a little party on your deck or patio? Of all the places in the world, you are currently in one that offers the best choice of cheap sliding doors.

We offer the best sliding patio doors for sale, along with quick delivery, professional installation, and expert maintenance.

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Sliding Glass Doors in Toronto from Vinyl Light

In the not so recent past, exterior sliding doors used to be built not very well and many homeowners simply overlooked them.

Now, with all the modern technology and materials, the game has changed and sliding doors are becoming more and more popular. So what should we look for in a new sliding screen door today?

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From basic standard door to upgraded and customized, we have them all.

  • Comfort and quietness

    The door should open smoothly and quietly with little to no effort. Our heavy duty tandem ball-bearing Nylon rollers insure that and they also do not require lubrication on tracks, keeping them clean and tidy.

  • Energy-efficient design

    Multi-chamber design tends to reduce thermal exchange, helps you preserve the temperature inside and ensures a perfectly straight rail.

  • Optimal value

    The cost of a sliding door does not have to be high. We buy factory direct to ensure reasonable prices.

  • Security

    You can add a double-point lock, guardian lock at the top, kick lock at the bottom and security bar in the middle to give you 5 points of connection! Not to mention the anti-lift block fitted into the rail at the top.


  • 1/4", 2", or 3 3/8" frame extensions
  • 4 1/2" sill plate
  • Brick Mold
  • Sill extensions


  • 5 7/8“ mechanically fastened vinyl frame
  • Components easily installed and replaceable
  • 3 weather seals
  • Anodized screen track/stainless steel roller track
  • 8 degree sill slope for optimal drainage


  • Reinforced with steel to withstand high wind loads
  • Double perimeter seal for superior air-tightness
  • Doors are easily and completely reversible
  • Adjustable nylon tandem ball-bearing rollers
  • 1” sealed units for optimal thermal performance

More Doors Options

All the styles you like at great prices you want.

Sliding Patio Doors Replacement in Toronto

There’s nothing more frustrating than struggling with a patio door that sticks or jumps off the track. If you’ve got an old patio door like this, it might mean that the time for your sliding patio door replacement has finally come.

If you’re looking for sliding patio doors in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area - doors that work smoothly, provide reasonable security and offer great energy efficiency, then Vinyl Light is your number one choice.

If you’re not sure about the cost of sliding patio doors, our team members will be happy to give you some pro tips and help you choose the right set for your patio.

Sliding Doors from Vinyl Light

If that’s the kind of door you’ve been wanting to get, then you’ve come to the right place. Vinyl Light patio doors are engineered for long life and smooth operation.

Our sliding doors come in a variety of styles and options, including:

  • Single slider doors (standard sizes are 5’, 6’ or 8’ by 6’8’’ and 8’ height)
  • Double slider doors (standard sizes are 5’, 6’ or 8’ by 6’8’’ and 8’ height)
  • Extended hardware & glass options:
    • Optional frame and sash (doors are easily and completely reversible)
    • Handles (elite handles comes as the standard door hardware available in white, black, and sandalwood)
    • Locks (two-position kick locks, guardian locks, and folding security bars)
    • Internal mini-blinds (from maximum visibility to complete privacy)

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