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Why go with some standard options when you can add some style and beauty to your home with shaped windows? Welcome to Vinyl Light where we offer cheap odd-shaped windows for sale all year long!

We take irregularly shaped windows replacement projects in the following area: Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, East York, North York, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Scarborough, Pickering, Oshawa, Ajax, Newmarket, King City, Caledon, Georgetown, Milton. Haven't found your location on the list? Reach out to us to get a quote on shaped vinyl windows installation at your place.

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Geometric Shaped Windows in Toronto and GTA

Geometric-shaped windows are the high-fashion alternative to the window world. Designed to satisfy even the most demanding tastes, they are perfect for showcasing any view.

When you go with specialty-shaped windows, the design possibilities are endless and the results are always stunning. From fluid curves to modern trendy angles, different shaped windows will add charm and elegance to any home.

Although multiple shapes and forms are available, the main options are the following:

  • arch-shaped windows
  • octagon-shaped windows
  • diamond-shaped windows
  • hexagon-shaped windows
  • triangle-shaped windows
  • half moon-shaped windows
  • oval-shaped windows
  • trapezoid-shaped windows
  • crescent-shaped window

Arch windows are arguably the most popular form of the special-shaped window. The bottom half of this window has a traditional, rectangular look, but the real beauty lies in the accompanying ellipse or half-circle top.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace Shaped Windows?

When you decided to replace your custom shaped windows or looking to add a uniquely shaped window to your house, you can choose from many options that we carry. From round to triangular windows, we have them all, which you can further customize with a color of your choice or a grill design to add a character and a personal touch to any home.

The shape of a window reflects on its cost and the table below lists the prices for the most popular shaped windows.

This is for double pane, white windows with no extra parts like brickmold or jamb extension. Installation is extra.

✅ Window Type Shaped Window Price
✅ Circle window $750
✅ Half Circle window $550
✅ Ellipse window $580
✅ Triangle/Trapezoid window $550
✅ Hexagon/Octagon window $680
✅ Quarter Circle window $570
✅ The cheapest shaped window $550
✅ The most expensive shaped window $1500+
✅ Average installation cost $250

The shaped windows are more expensive when compared to rectangular ones, because it takes more time and labor to manufacture them. The average price of a shaped window is around $650. It primarily depends on the size of a window but is also influenced by its shape, color, grills, type of glass, etc. 

The custom shape window replacement cost depends on the type of installation and what other parts are needed to complete it like capping, brickmold, jamb or casing. It starts at about $200 per window.

Looking for actual custom-shaped window prices? Get a no-cost, no-obligation estimate.

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    • Custom size and shape to suit your interior or exterior of the house
    • Custom design grills available in between the glass and outside
    • Wide selection of color options for the interior and exterior
    • Durable and maintenance free
    • Available in both double and triple glazed versions
    • Designed to fully meet ENERGY STAR® qualifications

Our clients ask

  • What are the most popular shaped window styles?

    The most popular shaped window is an arched or half moon extending down to a regular square window. It is a good way to add a classic touch to a house. Oval, round or circular windows are also used for this purpose and can be seen primarily in attics. Any other shape like a triangle, hexagon or trapezoid can be made to add a unique character to the house.

  • Are curved windows more expensive?

    Arched windows cost is higher than standard windows since they are more complicated to make and involve more time and manual labour. A common size arched window replacement cost is between $600 to $1500 per window.

  • How much does a triangle window cost?

    Triangle or trapezoid windows – very interesting design often used in combination with square and rectangular windows; cost an average of $600-$1000.

  • Can triangular windows open?

    The vinyl triangular windows can not open.

  • How much does it cost to install a circular window?

    The average cost to install a round window in your home is $800 to $1200 per window. The price can be higher by $400-$600 when more parts like brickmold, jamb and casing are needed, which also must be shaped round.

  • How long does it take to install a shaped window?

    Installing a shaped window usually takes 1-2 hours, including the removal of the old window. It depends on the location, window size and type of installation.

  • Are shaped windows energy efficient?

    All modern windows are energy efficient now and many are Energy Star certified. Insulated double-pane with upgrades like Loe coating and Argon gas has become standard nowadays and makes a huge difference to the windows that were produced 20 years ago.

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Custom Shape and Specialty Windows We Offer

  • Cathedral Window

  • Cathedral with Extended Legs Window

  • Circle Top Window

  • Circle Top with Extended Legs Window

  • Circle Window

  • Ellipse Window

  • Eyebrow Window

  • Eyebrow with Extended Legs Window

  • Half Eyebrow Window

  • Half Eyebrow with Extended Legs Window

  • Quarter Round with Extended Legs Window

  • Quarter Arch Window

  • Oval window

  • Half Pentagon Window

  • Hexagon Window

  • Octagon Window

  • Pentagon Window

  • Trapezoid Window

  • Triangle Window

  • Equilateral Triangle Window

  • Isosceles Triangle Window

Shaped Windows Glass Options

  • LoE Coatings

    We have all types of LoE Coatings: LoE-180; Loe-272; LoE-366 and newest LoE-i89 to maximize your glass performance.

  • Self-Cleaning

    Self-Cleaning coating keeps the windows cleaner longer and when you must clean your glass, it will be easier and fast.

  • Triple, Tempered, Laminated

    Get the best insulation with Triple glass; best strength with Tempered glass or best noise reduction with Laminated one.

Shaped Windows Upgrades Options

Shaped Windows Parts Options

  • Vinyl Trim & Corner Sizes

    2 3/4" and 3 1/2"

  • Vinyl Jamb Sizes

    1 3/8", 2 3/8", 3 3/8", 4 3/8"

  • Vinyl Brickmold Sizes

    1/8", 5/8", 1 1/4", 2"

More Windows Options

We have all the windows styles, colors and upgrades.

Our Easy 3-Step Process

  • Step 1. Quotation & Measurements

    We will measure, consult and quote.

  • Step 2. Manufacturing

    We will manufacturer as per specs.

  • Step 3. Installation

    We will install and clean up.

Needless to say, all of this beauty has to be properly installed and set up - and that’s where Vinyl Light shaped windows installation services come in. Our specialists will make sure you get the best odd-shaped windows prices and install or replace your windows expertly.

Odd Shaped Windows Replacement in Toronto

We are one of the biggest window installation and replacement companies in the GTA. Having been on the market for more than 10 years, we have seen and done it all and now our services are more than available for you.

Being more than just a vinyl window company, we help our clients every step of the way - from consulting on their purchase to installing the windows to providing maintenance tips.

Our main advantages are:

  • 35+ years of combined experience
  • 10,000+ professionally installed windows
  • Low specialty shaped windows cost (as we buy factory direct and enjoy large volume discounts)
  • WSIB and liability insurance for your peace of mind
  • Our services have earned us a near-perfect score at HomeStars.

We always ensure the best quality for our clients and allow no shortcuts. When you order from Vinyl Light, you know you’re getting the best value for the money.

So if you’re still wondering “What is the best company offering shaped windows replacement near me?”, look no further than Vinyl Light.

If you’d like to inquire about the odd-shaped windows replacement cost in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, please contact the Vinyl Light sales team via phone, chat, or our free quote form.

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