Standard Window Sizes in Ontario, Canada

When planning to install new windows, it's crucial to understand that standard window sizes in Canada are usually the most common sizes on the market and there are many.

When selecting the type and size of windows for your installation, there are several factors to consider. The design of your home can also influence your decision.

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What Are Standard Window Sizes in Ontario, Canada?

While building or renovating a home in Canada, homeowners must adhere to various rules and regulations. Whether you're installing new windows or working with old ones, there are some legal considerations to keep in mind.

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Standard house window sizes include:

  • Width
  • Height
  • Frame size
  • Opening size

In Ontario there are a variety of standard window sizes to choose from. The widths range from 24 inches to 90+ inches.

The heights vary as well, from 24 inches to 90+ inches.

The specifications for these window sizes are based on a specified square footage allowance. These are merely typical sizes, unusual designs and architecture can be accommodated by having a window custom-made.

Each window type has its typical common sizing range as well as standard window casing sizes, jamb extensions and brickmould.

By visiting the Ontario government website devoted to window sizes' official requirements, you will learn about the minimum window area according to each room and space type of your house.

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Standard Basement Window Sizes in Canada

At Vinyl Light we provide and stock all existing standard basement window sizes in Canada.

Our basement windows will provide light into your home and allow you to adjust air flow.

You can open your basement windows to regulate the temperature even more. A moderate breeze will circulate across the space as a result of this. You'll have more control over how much air enters your home if you use certain windows.

A new window can completely transform the appearance of your basement. There are numerous modification options to consider depending on your own preferences.

Standard basement window sizes are:

30” or 28 ¼”
30” or 28 ¼”
9 ½”
30” or 28 ¼”
11 ½”
30” or 28 ¼”
13 ½”
30” or 28 ¼”
21 ½”

Standard Casement Window Sizes in Canada

Casement window common standard and nonstandard sizes may be fully opened, allowing good ventilation and natural light in your space.

With a casement window, you have the choice of opening it to the left or right. In addition, the casement handle’s elegant form fits flush with the window frame, so it won't interfere with your blinds or window treatments.

The common standard casement window sizes used by builders are:


At Vinyl Light we produce a wide range of custom sizes for casement vinyl windows, with numerous styles’ combinations, grills options, shapes and custom colors available to order.

Standard Sliding Window Sizes in Canada

Vinyl sliding windows are easy and simple to use. They slide horizontally along the top and bottom tracks.

Standard sliding window sizes are:

Single Slider Tilt, Double Pane
19” - 68”
12” - 50”
Single Slider Tilt, Triple Pane
19” - 64”
12” - 44”
Single Slider Lift Out, Double Pane
19” - 70”
12” - 56”
Single Slider Lift Out, Triple Pane
19” - 66”
12” - 46”
Double Slider Tilt, Double Pane
19” - 64”
12” - 44”
Double Slider Tilt, Triple Pane
19” - 62”
12” - 42”

Standard Picture Window Sizes in Canada

Picture windows let a lot of natural light into your home. Despite the fact that they are fixed with non-opening panes of glass that do not allow air to enter or exit, they still provide excellent energy efficiency.

Standard picture window sizes are:

Picture Double Pane
12” - 90”
12” - 90”
Picture Triple Pane
12” - 60”
12” - 60”

How to Measure Window Size for Replacement?

A lot of homeowners inquire about how to measure window size for replacement. It is not difficult to measure windows to determine the exact size, but precise measurements are required.

Take your time considering how to measure the size of a window correctly, because purchasing the wrong size will waste your time and money.

The most accurate way to measure a window size is to invite an experienced installer from Vinyl Light Windows and Doors to do the job for you.

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Tips on how to measure replacement window size:

  • Measure window width: take three horizontal window frame measurements. Measure the distance horizontally across your frame from each side of a jamb at the top, middle and bottom. Note the smallest measurement as your final dimension.
  • Measure the window’s height: take three vertical measurements of the window frame. From the head jamb to the window sill, measure the distance vertically across your frame from top to bottom on the left, middle and right sides of the window. Note the smallest measurement as your final dimension.
  • Measure the window’s frame or opening depth: run a tape measure from the outside to the inside of the window frame and take the measurement from edge to edge. Do this in a few different spots around the window frame. Note the smallest measurement as your final dimension.

Call us to request free professionally done measurements for your vinyl casement windows, bay windows, basement windows etc. With us, you will get the best seasonal deals on your doors and windows replacement.

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