STC Rating for Windows in Canada

STC rating windows or Sound Transmission Class rating plays a significant role in terms of verifying soundproofing. No matter what the issue with loud surroundings is, you've at least ones concerned on how to soundproof windows for your home at some point.

Does it happen to you when your neighbour's loud lawn-mowing wakes you up every morning when all you want to do is sleep? Or maybe you live close to a building site, highway, main street, commercial area, playground etc and can't get any peace and quietness.

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What Is STC Rating for Windows?

One can’t judge the window’s STC rating or STC value just by looking at it. This evaluation system was developed to represent the average amount of sound that a window "stops". Sound Transmission Class ratings are also applied to walls, doors and other construction elements.

The only reliable method for comparing various noise reduction products is using STC ratings.

Obviously, the more sound is suppressed the higher the rating.

It is always very helpful to know at least the approximate STC rating meaning for your windows before replacing, so you know your level of soundproof will reduce the noise transmission.

With STC you can compare windows to windows as well as windows to doors. This will enable you to identify the surfaces in your home that are letting in the most sound.

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How to Measure STC Rating?

STC sound ratings show how much noise is typically suppressed using 18 various sound frequencies.

The following elements go into determining the STC rating:

  1. A decibel rating which is provided to each frequency.
  2. Transmission loss.
  3. Sound frequency.

How to measure STC rating:

  • Use an audiometer to note the noise level in the room and its decibel level.
  • Measure the noise level in the area where the noise is coming from.
  • Measure the sound of the adjacent room. Then, enter the neighbouring room and record a second measurement of the decibels transferred.
  • To determine the total transmission loss, subtract your second measurement from your first.
  • Repeat steps 1 through 3 with approximately 16 different sound frequencies, ranging from 125 Hz to 4000 Hz, to test various frequencies. You'll achieve the most accurate results in this manner.
  • Calculate the typical transmission loss: divide the total number of frequencies you tested by the sum of all the frequencies you recorded. If you captured all 16 frequencies, for instance, divide your total by 16. Your STC rating is the result of your calculation.

Window STC Rating Chart

The STC depends on:

  • Thickness of the glass,
  • Gap in between panes,
  • Low-E coating,
  • Frame type such as vinyl.

The table below displays the average window STC rating chart as well as some range of noise levels that are audible at that rating:

Window type
STC Rating
Sound Effect
Single glass window
Average conversation can be heard.
Double glass window
Only loud noises can be  heard.
Triple glass window
Noises are highly blocked
Laminated glass
Noises can be barely heard.

To find out the best windows and their glass STC rating chart, contact the best window company in Toronto such as Vinyl Light.

What Is a Good STC Rating for Windows?

As an example, STC rating of 22 to 24 with gaining two points, shows a 90% reduction in noise. A rating increase from 24 to 33 corresponds to a 95% of noise reduction. Each number ultimately indicates a significant quantity of noise.

Depending on the type of vinyl windows you're buying, the average and recommended STC ratings are:

  • Double glass insulated vinyl windows: from 25 to 27.
  • Triple pane insulated vinyl windows: from 25 to 31.

STC ratings are regarded as the only reliable comparing tool to determine the highest STC rated windows. This way the amount of noise through is accurately rated.

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Keep in mind that no window can completely block the noise out. However, once you install windows with a decent STC rating, you'll notice a difference that will give the impression that your house is completely silent.

Ultimately, the best option to get your home as close to soundproof as possible is to combine a decent STC rating with high-quality windows. When looking for windows, you don't need to be an expert on the STC scales to make smarter purchasing decisions.

Vinyl Light windows and doors company manufacturers the best STC rated windows in Toronto. Our soundproof windows obtain STC of 35 and higher. Contact us with your online or phone request and get a free quote!

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