Front Door Installation

Front door installation is not an easy process since it requires precision and care, not to mention choosing the right door for your house - and that’s why it’s best done by professionals.

You want your entry door to look good, be secure, and protect you from any kind of bad weather - whether it’s rain, heat, or snow.

We are the professionals who can install that kind of entry door for you - welcome to Vinyl Light!

Exterior Front Door Installation in Toronto and GTA

If you’ve been looking to get affordable, but good-quality steel front entry doors installation in Toronto, you’ve come to the right place.

We’ve been handling door installation and replacement for more than a decade and guarantee to offer the best steel entry doors installation services near you.

Our door installation process may differ depending on the particular opening and type of door. For pre-hung doors (when the door and the frame come as one unit), it would go like this.

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    Step 1. Taking measurements

    Before this, we usually take off the interior trim and then start getting our measurements. We want to measure the height and width of the door frame, the jamb depth, and also the height and width of the existing door.

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    Step 2. Removing the old door and frame

    If there’s a storm door in the opening, we go ahead and remove it first. Then, we remove the door ball if there’s one. After that, it’s time to proceed to the door itself.

    We score along the exterior trim with a utility knife and then pry it off. The new pre-hung door will have new trim so there’s no need to keep the old one.

    From the inside, we use a screwdriver and hammer to remove the hinge pins after which we pull out the door slab. Next comes unscrewing the latch plates after which we use a reciprocating saw to cut the screws around the existing frame.

    Once it’s done, we carefully push the top of the jamb out from the inside and then remove the old frame.

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    Step 3. Preparing to install the new door

    We need to check that the subfloors are level and the sides are plumb. Then, we use a square to make sure that all four corners of our rough opening are lining up. After that, we install a sill pan and seal along its back, seams, and corners.

    On the new door, we remove the transport plug and drill a hole for the doorbell wires. Now it’s ready to be installed!

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    Step 4. Installing the new door

    First, we apple a bead of sealant to the back of the brick mold. Then we take the door and see its bottom on the sill and tilt to the top into place. Then, we use shims to keep the pre-hung door in the door frame.

    We make that everything is level and straight after which we finish driving in the screws we drove partway in previously. We check for plumb once again and finish driving the rest of the screws.

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    Step 5. Final touches

    After everything’s been checked, we can install the lockset and the deadbolt, cut the shims and install insulation and cover it up with the interior trim.

How Much Does It Cost to Install Steel Front Entry Doors in Toronto and GTA?

As you can see, steel exterior door installation is no walk in the park and requires a professional to do it properly.

At Vinyl Light, we are ready to offer you the best steel entry doors installation price and top-notch quality services from our professional team.

To find out the actual cost to install steel entry doors in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area, please contact the Vinyl Light team for a price estimation.

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