Types of Basement Windows and How to Choose the Right One for Your House

The conditions in your basement are different from those in the rest of your house, whether it is fully finished, half-finished or unfinished. Therefore, in order to choose the best types of basement windows, you must consider the special needs and specifications of your particular space.

Your home will receive light from your basement windows, and you will be able to regulate the airflow in the space. However, not all windows are suitable for basements. This article will assist you in choosing the ideal windows for your home.

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Different Types of Basement Windows

The best types of windows for a basement are energy efficient, they provide your space with ventilation and natural light. Additionally, the right types of basement replacement windows offer a variety of advantages that raise the comfort level.

Vinyl windows

Vinyl is frequently the material of choice for different types of basement windows frames, whether the basement is finished or unfinished.

The best types of basement windows produced by Vinyl Light Windows and Doors are:

  • Hopper basement windows. They provide good lighting and circulation in the basement and are simple to use. Hopper windows are considered one of the types of basement escape windows. They can be cranked and opened fast in an emergency, offering short escape options. These types of basement windows are opened by tilting inward from the top. They have a hinge at the bottom of the window frame. Because of this, the hopper windows’ screens are often mounted outside of the window frame.

Hopper basement windows vs casement

  • Casement basement windows. They are tall in size, have side hinges and open outward in addition to being among the most energy-efficient windows, and at the same time offering good ventilation. They are also a fantastic option for types of basement egress windows. They have a bigger opening mechanism which is advantageous in emergency situations since they can be fully opened.
  • Awning basement windows. They are hinged at the top and swing outward from the bottom bringing great ventilation. Additionally, awnings effectively block moisture and provide protection from the rain. These are the types of basement windows with latches on the inside. However, awning windows are not appropriate for basement egress windows due to their architectural aim and opening mechanism. The glass panel could prevent someone from trying to escape from danger.

Awning basement windows vs Sliding

  • Sliding basement windows. If you require an exit from your basement, these styles obtain egress alternatives to casement windows. Their purposeful shape lets in plenty of natural light and makes cleaning the exterior panes simpler. Single slider windows feature two panes, but only one opens, providing only a little amount of air in. However, they are fitted in small areas and are ideal for saving space.

Vinyl Windows and Doors Replacement Company

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