Vinyl Windows Glass Replacement

Vinyl window glass replacement is required when your window frame is still in good condition but the glass itself is broken, cracked, fogged, or otherwise damaged to the point where it cannot serve its function properly.

Great thing you’ve come to a place where we replace window glasses professionally and don’t charge much for our services - welcome to Vinyl Light!

We offer residential window glass replacement service in the following area: Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Brampton, Oakville, East York, North York, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Scarborough, Pickering, Oshawa, Ajax, Newmarket, King City, Caledon, Georgetown, Milton. Haven't found your location on the list? Reach out to us to get a quote on broken house window glass replacement at your place.

Vinyl Window Repair & Glass Replacement in Toronto and GTA

Home window glass replacement only sounds like it’s something that could be done by anyone. In fact, this procedure requires special tools and, what’s more important, the right skills and, what’s even more important, the right glass. We’ve got all three.

If you’re looking for the best windows glass replacement companies near you, Vinyl Light is always there to answer your call.

Our glass replacement process varies depending on the particular window, but in its simplest form, it would go like this:

  • Vinyl Light Windows and Doors Toronto

    Step 1. Taking width and length measurements

    This is done to ensure that we’ve got the replacement glass that’s right for the particular unit.

  • Vinyl Light Windows and Doors Toronto

    Step 2. Removing the old glass

    Here, we take off the vinyl strip and cut the foam tape free, after which the glass is gently taken out of the frame. It won’t be unwise to double-check the actual thickness of the glass.

  • Vinyl Light Windows and Doors Toronto

    Step 3. Preparing the frame for the new glass

    Here, we peel free the old foam tape, which usually takes some time to complete since it has to be done gently, without damaging the frame. Then, we clean the frame thoroughly and apply a double-sided sticky tape leaving about an eighth of an inch so that the foam tape couldn’t be seen.

  • Vinyl Light Windows and Doors Toronto

    Step 4. Preparing the new glass

    We start off by pinching the breather tube and stuffing it in the side of the glass. Then, we get the old butyl rubber off the sides so that we could have a nice stick to the foam tape. After that, we spray the foam tape with the glass cleaner - otherwise, once we stick it, we won’t be able to move it. This way, we will have enough room to slide it around if needed.

  • Vinyl Light Windows and Doors Toronto

    Step 5. Installing the glass

    Since glasses are usually quite heavy, can’t support their own weight and are easy to break if mishandled, we use a suction cup to carry it around. However, if the distance is short and smooth, we can simply use a glass dolly.

    When the glass is near the frame, we put it in there carefully observing all the angles. After it’s set, we need to take measurements once again - this time, to make sure it sits evenly. Finally, we apply back the vinyl strip starting with the bottom pushing it on slightly not to damage the glass.

    One last thing is cleaning the glass - now it’s done!

Windows Glass Replacement Cost in Toronto and GTA

Before getting your house windows glass replacement, you might want to compare various companies that provide these services and find out what the best windows glass replacement price is.

At Vinyl Light, we always try to keep our prices down and offer our clients various deals to help them save more money offering cheap window replacement with absolutely no compromises to the quality.

Of course, the actual price depends on the particular window and glass since there are quite a few elements in the equation. If you want to know the exact windows glass replacement cost in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area for your specific setup, please contact us for a free estimate.

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