We take great pride in ensuring the best possible quality of our doors and windows. If there is something our experience has taught over the years, it’s the fact that top-notch performance and quality are best achieved via a strict, zero-defect policy at every stage of manufacturing rather than by extending the warranty. Preventing a defect is much more effective than having to deal with its consequences.

Our ultimate goal for our customers is to supply them with products that will serve a lifetime and never fail them once.

Although we have been implementing the same zero-defect policy throughout many years and have reached an outstanding quality record, we do think it is necessary to give our customers some extra protection and assurance.

That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty on our windows.

Lifetime Warranty on Windows

Our windows are covered by a Lifetime warranty, which means that starting from the moment we installed a window, we guarantee it will be free of any defects in materials for a period of 25 years, but it does not stop there and technically never expires and works like this:

Warranty Factory Customer
Up to 25 years 100% 0%
25 to 30 years 80% 20%
Over 30 years 25% 75%


It’s also worth mentioning that our lifetime warranty is fully transferable, which means that it is attached to the house and not the owner. This might add a few extra points to your house value when you decide to put it on the market.

10 Years Warranry on Steel/Fiberglass Doors

Fully Transferable & Non Pro-Rated.

  • 10 years warranty on steel and fibreglass door panels against warping, rusting or cracking
  • 10 years warranty on Door Hinges
  • 10 years warranty on Q0Lon Weather-Stripping
  • 10 years warranty on Unpainted uPVC Door Lite Frames against warping or cracking
  • 5 years warranty on Door Lite Glass Seals against moisture condensation between glass surfaces
  • 10 years warranty on paint and stain

Sliding Doors Warranty

  • lifetime warranty on all vinyl components
  • 20 years warranty on insulated glass
  • 7 years warranty on painted pvc components
  • 5 years warranty on mini-blinds
  • 1 year warranty on hardware components

Labor Warranty 

Workmanship of all Vinyl Light Windows and Doors products warranted for 10 years from the day of installation and does not cover any hardware provided by customer.