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Replacement Windows and Doors Whitby, Ontario

Welcome to the official website of Vinyl Light Windows and Doors in Whitby! We offer a wide range of quality products from Ontario window manufacturers at highly competitive prices. Our services also include professional installation and maintenance.

We buy factory direct and get major discounts from manufacturers, which enables us to keep the prices low. Since 2007, we have been offering quality installation services for Canadian replacement windows and exterior doors in Whitby and the rest of the Greater Toronto Area.

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    In 2022 Vinyl light specialists replaced
    6232 windows and
    387 doors

    Vinyl Light Windows and Doors Whitby

    Our goal is to provide best quality products for the best price possible.
    We constantly adapt and upgrade to satisfy the customers needs and demands in today's market.

    Why Choose Vinyl Windows & Doors

    We make your home upgrade simple and worry-free experience.
    Your trust and confidence is our honour.

    • Experience of 12 years in business

      Experience of 12 years in business

    • Professional customer service & consultation

      Professional customer service & consultation

    • High reputation & rate of customer satisfaction

      High reputation & rate of customer satisfaction

    • Automated modern & fast production

      Automated modern & fast production

    • Quality control & tests on all stages of production

      Quality control & tests on all stages of production

    • Better than Lifetime warranty

      Better than Lifetime warranty

    • Any form of payments & financing available

      Any form of payments & financing available

    • Factory direct prices with bonuses & discounts

      Factory direct prices with bonuses & discounts

    Canadian guide to upgrading windows and doors from Vinyl Light Company

    Canadian guide to upgrading windows and doors

    Windows & doors can account for up to 25% of total house heat lost. Educate yourself to make a right decision.


    Upgrades that are standard for our windows:

    • Loe272 coating + Argon gas.
    • 100% virgin non-recycled uPVC vinyl.
    • Triple seal compression locking system.
    • Spring loaded fiberglass screen in aluminum frame.
    Vinyl Window Cross Section

    Why settle for anything less?

    We use market leading materials and parts in production
    so our products satisfy all your needs.

    • Energy-efficient & insulated

      Energy-efficient & insulated

    • Noise & draft proof

      Noise & draft proof

    • Secure from break-ins & pests

      Secure from break-ins & pests

    • Safe for you & environment

      Safe for you & environment

    • Beautiful in design & options

      Beautiful in design & options

    • Easy in operation & maintenance

      Easy in operation & maintenance

    Vinyl Window Cost in Whitby

    Several factors affect the cost of replacement windows in Whitby, Ontario. The size, shape, and the number of panes, as well as their style, will all impact the final price. To help you navigate the issue we have compiled a list of approximate costs based on various window styles.

    Type of Window
    Window Cost
    ✅ Casement Windows
    from $250
    ✅ Awning Windows
    from $270
    ✅ Single Hung Windows
    from $220
    ✅ Double Hung Windows
    from $230
    ✅ Single Slider Windows
    from $220
    ✅ Double Slider Windows
    from $230
    ✅ Fixed Casement Windows
    from $220
    ✅ Picture Windows
    from $210
    ✅ End Vent Sliding Windows
    from $230
    ✅ Bay Windows
    from $1500
    ✅ Bow Windows
    from $1500
    ✅ Shaped Windows
    from $550
    ✅ Basement Windows
    from $200

    How Much Does It Cost to Install Doors in Whitby?

    Our doors come in a variety of designs, sizes, and configurations to satisfy even the most pickiest clients. These range from sturdy steel entry doors to elegant, custom-made fiberglass models. The type, dimensions, color, material, sidelights, glass insert type/size, transom, and other features you choose will all have an impact on the cost of replacement doors in Whitby. Additionally, any changes that are not standard or custom will increase the cost. For your convenience we have compiled a list of approximate prices based on various door styles.

    Type of Door
    Door Cost
    ✅ Steel Entry Doors
    from $650
    ✅ Fiberglass Entry Doors
    from $1600
    ✅ Exterior French Doors
    from $2000
    ✅ Sliding Patio Doors
    from $799

    Vinyl Windows Whitby

    If you live in a house that was built more than 20 years ago, there is a good chance that you have windows that are not energy-efficient. During the hot season, the heat from the sunlight passing through such windows can really heat up the house, which causes the air conditioner to work harder, which means higher electric bills.

    In winter, old single-pane windows allow heat to escape from your house, also adding to your energy costs. If this is the case, perhaps it’s time to upgrade the look of your house and make it more energy-efficient with low-E double-pane glass doors and vinyl windows in Whitby.

    Get yours today from Vinyl Light, a trusted supplier and installer of replacement windows in Whitby.

    Windows Replacement Whitby

    In addition to providing professional window installation and window replacement in Whitby, we also offer an impressive product range that features all popular types of windows, including:

    • Single-hung and double-hung
    • Single slider and double slider
    • Fixed casement
    • Awning
    • Bay & bow
    • End vent sliding
    • Picture 
    • Shapes
    • Hardware, glass, locks, & more

    Our services include vinyl window installation, replacement, and painting as well as professional consultation and maintenance advice.

    Exterior Doors Whitby

    We have plenty of great exterior doors that will complement any facade (or backyard) and make your house more energy-efficient. Our product range features:

    • Steel entry doors
    • Sliding patio doors
    • French garden doors
    • Fiberglass doors
    • Patio doors in Whitby

    Elegant and reliable, these doors will last you a lifetime. If you are looking for a company offering front doors in Whitby, go with Vinyl Light Windows and Doors. We offer the best value for your money.

    Door Replacement Whitby

    In addition to offering a wide range of doors, we also provide professional services for door installation in Whitby and door replacement in Whitby. We work with steel entry doors, fiberglass doors, storm doors, and sliding patio doors.

    We’ve got your needs covered every step of the way - from helping you to pick the right type of doors to delivering and installing these doors professionally.

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    Best Window and Door Company in Whitby Ontario

    Our company got started more than a decade ago. Since then, Vinyl Light Windows and Doors has become one of the main contractors and suppliers of vinyl doors and windows in Whitby Ontario Canada and the rest of the GTA.

    We are mostly known for:

    • Wide product range
    • Exclusive windows and doors in Whitby
    • 10+ years of experience
    • Competitive pricing
    • WSIB and liability insurance
    • 24/7 customer service

    If you are looking for a door and window company in Whitby, go with Vinyl Light. We would appreciate working on your project and helping you achieve your goals - feel free to contact us via phone, email, or chat for a free quote.

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