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We are installing Zebra blinds for vinyl windows available in various styles, materials, and colors to satisfy even the most demanding taste. Vinyl Light can make and fit your windows with custom-made automatic or cordless Zebra blinds.

We offer Zebra blinds in Toronto, Mississauga, Brampton, Etobicoke, Oakville, East York, North York, Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Aurora, Scarborough, Pickering, Oshawa, Ajax, Newmarket, King City, Caledon, Georgetown, Milton. Searching for Zebra window blinds installation services near me and haven't found your location on our list? Reach out to us for a quote on installing Zebra roller blinds at your place.

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What Are Zebra Blinds?

While enjoying in a great views, you may adjust the light with zebra blinds in Canada. Their fashionable look significantly impacts any room, including your kitchen, office, living room, and more. Zebra shades, commonly referred to as banded shades, are made from stylish fabric that filters and softens the light. Zebra roller shades are an ideal middle ground between blinds and roll up shades for blending soft lighting with privacy. They are usually mounted inside the window frame and there are zebra blinds for the outside mount.

How Does Zebra Blinds Work?

How do zebra blinds work if you never had to use one? Zebra roller blinds are crafted from a single shade of both sheer and solid fabrics hence the name zebra is used for them being stripped. The layered shades control light by rotating the bands from open to closed, much like opening and closing the slats of a blind. When you want more light, you just leave the vanes fully open to let light flood in through the lovely translucent fabric. Add the motorized function to control your zebra blinds with a touch of a button from anywhere in the room.

Modern Zebra Blinds in Toronto & GTA

Roller Zebra blinds are great since they are adaptable and can be used in all rooms in your house. You can close your shades at night for privacy while still enjoying a breathtaking outdoor view during the day while shielding your family from UV rays. Modern Zebra blinds accomplish everything in the best possible way!

Benefits of Zebra Shade Blinds

When you need more darkness, adding zebra shade blinds to your windows can help you limit the amount of light that comes in. You can purchase these blinds in a wide range of opacities, from complete zebra blinds blackout to sheer or semi-sheer. This product is for you if you want to fully illuminate your room with blinds that roll up from the bottom or if you only want to block out the UV rays and natural light from the sun. Choose a darker opaque zebra style blinds for bedrooms where you desire privacy and total darkness. Choose a lighter sheer style if you want more natural light and privacy is less of a concern.

These window treatments can also insulate your windows naturally. Zebra shade can reduce energy expenses by keeping the sun from heating your house in the summer and adding an extra layer of defence from the elements in the winter.

Zebra blinds include a continuous cord loop option, so no matter how much you raise or lower the blinds, the cord's size won't change.  It comes secured in the safety bar which is neat and tidy and it is safe for kids. There is also an automatic option if you’re looking for more convenience. The battery-powered motorization upgrade allows you to control your blinds with a remote control or your phone from anywhere in the world or just by voice with your Alexa.

If you want a window treatment that is multi-functional, has a wide range of possibilities, and complements almost any design, zebra blinds are a great option. You won't be disappointed whether you want to redesign your entire house or just a single room. Give us a call to order the blinds at the convenience of your home or visit our shop.

Zebra Blinds Gallery

We can help you with choosing the right blinds for any room with any wall color. Here are also some examples for your inspiration.

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  • Zebra Blinds for Windows:

    • zebra blinds suitable for all windows from sliders to casements
    • any custom size, tall or wide
    • room darkening zebra blinds
    • automatic & smart zebra blinds 
    • cordless zebra blinds
  • Zebra Blinds for Patio Doors

    Zebra Blinds for Patio Doors:

    • zebra blinds for any type and size of sliding doors
    • zebra blinds for black sliding patio door
    • french patio door zebra blinds
    • zebra blinds installed on patio doors or frame
    • zebra blinds for sliding glass doors
  • Zebra Blinds Colors

    Popular Zebra Blinds Colors

    • wide range of beautiful vibrant zebra blinds colours
    • white zebra blinds
    • black zebra blinds 
    • light grey zebra blinds 
    • brown zebra blinds and more

  • Why are Zebra blinds so popular?

    Zebra blinds combine privacy protection with light filtration in a single roller shade. The sheer stripes offer UV protection, light filtering, and glare reduction. Your blinds will let light through when the opaque stripes overlap, providing your room with the necessary brightness. Zebra shade blinds are available in many different sizes, materials, patterns, and colors. The advantages are infinite, and they are inexpensive!

  • What are the advantages of zebra blinds?
    • Inexpensive
    • Can be automated
    • Lots of fabrics and colors options
    • Can be mounted inside and outside the frame
    • Has 3 settings: Open, Closed and Up versus just Up and Down for roller blinds
  • Are Zebra blinds more expensive?

    The zebra blind is well-priced for a contemporary blind. The 2nd most popular in the new home category, horizontal sheer drapes, are significantly more expensive. Be assured that these window treatments are strong and long-lasting despite being quite affordable.

  • Are Zebra blinds hard to install?

    Contrary to popular belief, installing zebra blinds is really easy and only takes 10-15 minutes per blind. A level, measuring tape and a screwdriver or a power drill, that is all required to do the job. 

  • Are Zebra blinds good for living room?

    Because they can filter light, zebra blinds are among the greatest window treatments for living rooms. The sheer fabric strips allow natural light to penetrate into living areas and make the interiors feel dynamic. They work well in bedrooms as well.

  • How wide can Zebra blinds be?

    Zebra blind is a modern alternative to traditional wood horizontal blinds or the plain roller shade for customizing your window coverings. They can cover any kind of window, even those with unusual or irregular shapes. The blinds' maximum width of 144" allows them to fit especially large windows or doors.

  • What is the difference between sheer shades and Zebra shades?

    Zebra shaded are simply double sheer shades in reality. They are called "zebra shades" due to their striped patterns. Zebra shades are stripes of alternating translucent and light-filtering or room-darkening material manufactured from a single piece of fabric.

  • Are Zebra blinds block out?

    Yes, they can be made with materials that block out light or darken rooms! Zebra blinds, a beautiful and versatile blind, are related to Roller blinds and, as a result, are available in a variety of fabric selections, from light-filtering to blockout shades and from lighter neutral to bolder brighter shades.

  • Do Zebra blinds block heat?

    Zebra blinds are great insulators against cold and block heat from escaping. They eventually lower your energy costs as a result.

  • Do you put curtains with Zebra blinds?

    Zebra blinds complement other window treatments like sheer or blackout curtains beautifully. To bring light in while maintaining your privacy, you can fully open the blinds and keep your sheer curtains drawn.

  • Do Zebra blinds get dusty?

    Zebra blinds are simple to keep clean. It is usually not necessary to remove them from the window in order to dust or clean certain areas of them.
    They will last you for many years without losing their quality or colour if you occasionally wipe them down with a soft, wet cloth.

  • Do zebra blinds fade in sun?

    The material is not readily soiled and can be washed with a damp cloth. It can also be ironed. Its colour will not fade, ensuring a long lifespan, and the blinds have a very smooth and shiny surface.

  • How long do Zebra blinds last?

    You can anticipate anywhere between 8-10 years, and even longer with routine maintenance. Zebra blinds will enhance your home's contemporary style. They are highly durable because of their excellent design and simplicity.

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Where to Buy Zebra Blinds in Toronto?

If you are looking for zebra blinds for sale near me you found the right place. At Vinyl Light we specialize in vinyl windows so we know which blinds would fit them best. Our team of professionals can assist you with choosing the right window blinds for any room in your house from living room zebra blinds to bedroom and basement custom size roller or zebra blinds. Our large selection of zebrablinds will meet your requirements, whether you need blackout zebra blinds to limit the light for the best night's sleep; provide privacy from the street; or add some beauty to your house by matching zebra blinds with furniture or existing curtains. We know how dramatically blinds can change the appearance of a space and we want to make sure it looks the best not cheap with our zebra blinds. 

We offer zebra blinds that come in a number of fabrics and patterns to match your decor. You can choose from a wide range of fabric colours and textures, which are often created from various blends of polyester. Choose one that will enhance your entire house decor by using your imagination. Choosing a darker colored fabric does not necessarily mean your blind with completely block the light, but generally, lighter colors will let in more light than darker ones. The cassette, which covers the top of the roll, is typically made of aluminium and is available in a variety of finishes, some of which feature a fabric insert.

Even arched, circular, or triangular windows can have this window treatment customized to match practically any size or shape of window because of its extreme durability and adaptability. The blinds can be fixed inside or outside of the frame without sacrificing practicality or aesthetics because of their unique, but simple design, which also contributes to their endurance. Consider installing two or three blinds on the same cassette for patio doors and other multiple window applications so that you may independently operate each blind.

Window Roll Up Blinds Installation Services from Vinyl Light

When it comes to blinds, window roll up blinds are the most popular option among homeowners. They work well with various styles of décor and can be customized to match the functionality of any room. You can choose roll up blackout with right fabric blinds for bedrooms or sheer-like blinds to get the maximum amount of light for your family room. 

Zebra blinds have a tonne of advantages, and our customers have always had a great experience with roll up window or patio door blinds in Toronto and around. They are affordable, save energy, are durable, take less space and more.

Give us a call for a free, no-obligation quote. We will be happy to help you!

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